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Fashion Show Marcel Ostertag in Berlin, January 20th 2015.

I was exited when I got the invitation of the LAVA Show from Marcel Ostertag. He is fresh and innovative and his clothes are absolutely ready to wear. You can feel and see his passion in his designs.

It was a little chaotic when we got there. The staff was a bit confused and looked stressed. We couldn’t find anybody with drinks because they run around like bees. We saw some other people trying to catch the drinks. I can say, it was funny. Nevermind, we went to our seats and waited. We had not the best seats… I couldn’t really take good photos though. The location was fine. I like that kind of “storehouse – feeling”.

I love watching around and observe other people especially during the fashion week. There were some German Celebrities, Blogger, Journalist and so on. Very interesting.

Ostertag und Martin Krug

Marcel Ostertag und Martin Krug


The Show itself was great. “Lava” was absolutely hot.

When he presented the first show act called “Lilabungalow” I was a little irritated. Their outfits were all in “Gold” and I can say – it looked really strange….  But then I heard his voice and I was in love. What a great choice!

Listen yourself…

lilabungalow marcel ostertag review

Then the Models came out.

There were some really nice dresses and pants. My favorites are the red dress, the grey pants and the fake fur jacket. You can see it further down on the pictures.

Make-up and hair was absolutely my style. Clean and chic. Great!



The Show ended with a real cool song of one of the Models.

Shawny Sander, one of the finalist of Germany’s next Topmodel sang that song. She has a beautiful face, body and an awesome voice. And she was my favorite on GNTM! 😉


Marcel Ostertag Review

lava marcel ostertag review marcel ostertag review

My opinion:

I liked his new “Lava” collection. There are some great, creative and fresh elements. I think he will bring some diversity into the industry.

All the pieces of this collection are suitable to wear on the street. Even the dresses were very casual. That’s one of the reasons why I like his clothes. Sometimes you have awesome designers with breathtaking clothes but if you are not a Celebrity or have a lot of invitations to Red Carpet Events you will rarely have the opportunity to wear that outfits…

The Fake-Fur Element of the Show was big. There were a lot of Fake Fur stuff like Jackets, Shirts and even Skirts….nice. 🙂

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook “Lava”

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook “Lava”

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook “Lava”

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook “Lava”

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook

Marcel Ostertag Lookbook “Lava”

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