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Montag, 2 Oktober, 2023

Awards schedule 2015 of all the Awards – Music and Entertainment on one list

Did you watch the Peoples Choice Awards last night? Did you see all that great Red Carpet Moments?


And that funny show? NO? You missed it like me?


Great! That is so great. I can’t believe that I really missed that Award Show. I love the People’s Choice Awards. I completely forgot it. But it won’t happen again! I am going to put all the interesting Awards in one list and tadaaa – will not miss it again. 😉  I’ve made a schedule with all the dates.

And I am going to share this with you guys. Just in case you don’t already have that kind of list. 😉 But, I only put that kind of stuff in it, what is (on my opinion) nice to see. I maybe missed some… don’t be angry.

My absolutely favorite – more than the Oscars are the Golden Globe Awards!!! I thing that this Awards is more like a party under friends and not a show. I love how they react and everything around. Absolutely great. And I prefer the movies. The last years I wasn’t really pleased with the Oscars and their movies. Sorry, but true.

What is your favorite Award Show?

January 11th Golden Globe Awards
January 15th  20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards
February 8th BAFTA Film Awards
February 8th Grammy Awards 2015
February 22th 87th Academy Awards (OSCARS)
February 25th Brit Awards
March 28th Kids’ Choice Awards
April 12th MTV Movie Awards
June 7th Tony Awards
August 9th Teen Choice Awards
August 30th MTV Video Music Awards

So – you see. Easy to remember now. Have fun watching.

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