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About me ♡ ☯

About me ♡ ☯

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About me and nonsoloamore

I am Italian, born and grown up in Germany. I love the sun and I live in the North of Germany. Sounds maybe kind of ironic….

I am a part time travel blogger and a full time storyteller and journalist.

I speak four languages and have different masters. My head is always full of new ideas.

I love to break the mold and to try new things.

Creativity and passion are not just words for me – I live like that. I always did and always will.

I love what I do. In every article, in every word, in every photo or video you will find “my passion”.

Some Facts about my professionalism:

Study in Political Science in Italy (Turin), another Master in International Marketing in Germany.
Lived and worked in Italy, Germany and the US.

Important steps in my career:
PR- and Marketingmanager for different, international companies.

Freelance journalist and owner of  Killer Press since 2008. Nonsoloamore since 2013.

I write in different magazines print and online for beauty, fashion, spa and of course travel.

With Killer Press I specialized in Corporate Blogs. I work for different companies and help to build corporate blogs and to make them successful.

I also give workshops, lectures and presentations at congresses and economic associations about the Business of Blogging and Social Media Marketing.


10 Things about me (that not many people know or should I say “knew”):

1. I love reading ? (I love good books. I read soooo much. In every occasion). 

2. I have always wanderlust ✈️ (hm, that’s probably one of the reasons I have this blog).

3. I don’t like sushi (yes this is maybe a shock for one or another).

4. I am coffee addict ☕️ (did I mention I’m Italian?). 

5. Fashion = Claudia (it’s in my genes).

6. I love cooking for my family and friends – many friends ? (of course I do – I’m Italian. We always have lot’s of people at home)

7. I would love to live one day right at the beach (my preference is in the US)

8. I followed for almost 15 years the TV Show ER – Emergency Room ? (this and many others. I love good TV Shows)

9. I truly believe in friendships between women and men ? (YES! I do).

10. I am a positive thinking person (always! I think if you have a positive attitude in life you will experience great things and you will meet extraordinary people. It doesn’t change any situation if you look back all the time. I believe in looking forward, living the moment, enjoying life and being respectful with other people)

You only live ones. 

About me in other publications


Magazine Drei-Blick took photos of me in Dubai and interviewed me for the magazine.

Erfolg und Freiheit writes about success in the business.

A local Newspaper wrote about my conference.

This is why Press Trips can help to market your Hotel.

The Magazine Pack Gear elected me to “One Of The Top 20 Superstar Travel Bloggers Of 2016″.

Frau im Business is a well know German Magazine and wrote “my success story(wohoo)

The Guy asked many questions and I tried to answer all of them.

Strasskind did an Interview a little time ago.

Lifestyle Familie a german blog introduced my Blog.

There are many other reviews and guest posts in other blogs….


My Blog and my readers:

Nonsoloamore is not only my passion. It is a way of living, my job and part of my life.

My readers are lover of lifestyle and travel – like me. Because of both languages (German & English) I have Readers from different Countries. They like fancy and design Hotels. They love to be a day at the Spa but they also do sports. But always sports with a lifestyle character. They are interested in interviews but also in cool events and hot spots. Many have a high affinity with fashion, nutrition and beauty. Some of them have kids but they are not the “typical” parents. They love to travel.
My readers like to be informed about beautiful and interesting destinations that are not on every travel guide. Always spiced up with a portion of lifestyle.

Fresh and modern like nonsoloamore.

Come with me to destinations. Walk with me in the rain. Smell the scent of freedom and try new things. Just never ever forget to follow your passion.
I will give you just some inspiration, some tips and maybe a little push.

But it’s up to you do something.


My topics are:

Travel, Fashion & Beauty, Interviews, Entertainment and Sport.

Do you like to know more about me? Or maybe you just want to contact me? No problem. I  am always happy getting your messages.


I could live right there!

I could live right there! Smelling the salt of the ocean. Enjoying the sundown or the sun rising behind the water….