Thursday, 8 June, 2023

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Many have probably made resolutions for the new year in the last few days and just as many of us are failing to put these projects into concrete action. But why is that?

As soon as New Year’s Eve is approaching, you want to do so many things for 2019 and do better last year. But as soon as the first few weeks or sometimes even days have passed, one is no longer consistent with his plans.

Put down in writing

We have cell phones, laptops, tablets, clouds – but you really do not internalize it when you’re typing, wiping or dictating to your cell phone. That’s why I’m a big fan of down old old print. I have a fitness journal for sports and a simple notebook for my goals, in which I write my to-do list every day and abharke. So I have a good overview and can always hold for myself and read what I want to achieve and what I have already achieved.

Going for goals is a good start, but when you implement it, the organization is already half the battle.

Stay realistic

You will not overnight from the couch potato to the marathon runner. And you can not lose 10 kg in 2 weeks if you want to lose weight. So take your time. For example, if you want to do sports, you do not have to run straight into the fitness center, but you can first go for a walk or try your hand at 10.00 paces per day. Anyone who is already under-challenged, can try it with fitness apps and workout videos on Youtube. You do not have to spend money on a course or gym right away if you do not know if that’s right for you.

The cause of the rewards

Some swear by rewarding themselves for progress. I do not know if I can recommend it, because sometimes it is definitely unproductive depending on the destination. If you want to lose weight and have burned 200 calories on a cardio, then with a piece of pie as a reward, you will destroy this calorie deficit. And I find it always difficult to buy only pretty things for the sake of buying sake, which are then in the corner and not used. So choose your rewards wisely. Not every one really makes sense.

Whether your goals are to do more sport or to become more productive or more neat, such things do not look overnight. Do not put yourself under such pressure! Then you lose motivation even faster.

Step by step

Why are rewards not such a bad idea? Because you often divide the big goal into several stages. In business management in project management would probably say: milestones. And these milestones make a lot of sense because it turns your big and sometimes unattainable target into manageable units that you can work off day by day or week by week.

Whatever you are looking for, I wish you every success.

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