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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Everyone knows that there is never ever enough space to bring all that stuff when you travel. The key is the preparation. But it’s not easy. I already wrote a post about how to pack your suitcase. There are things that you probably will not need while you are traveling – especially if you sleep in hotels or apartments.

I made this list. Take a look and see by yourself. You maybe recognize one or another… 😉

  1. Too many styling tools

I’m a big fan of styling tools and I definitely need my hair straightener. But sometimes you get carried away. Most Hotels have hairdryer. You don’t need 5 different types of hair brushes and usually there are also already shampoo and conditioner too. I also love to buy things like that in the country. Because it is nice from time to time to try something new.


2. Food

Of course you can pack things for the airplane or the time you wait. But don’t start bringing all your things you usually eat at home (unless you are allergic). Sometimes doing this will prevent you to try new things. Every destination has its own culture of food. You should try that. I’m pretty sure you will find something you like.


3. Towels and sheets

Really? Towels? In Hotels and even in apartments there are definitely enough towels you can use. You don’t need to bring your own. I rented once an apartment and there were no towels and sheets. But I knew that before. There was an agency that rented that stuff. It was so great. I arrived there and the towels and sheets were already at the door. When I left I just hat do put it outside the door again. Google if there are agencies like that if your apartment doesn’t provide that service.



4. Things you don’t wear at home

I know. Sometimes you have great clothes in your closet. You just don’t know when to wear it. You then think – “mh, maybe I take it with me and wear it during my vacation”. Believe me. If you didn’t find the right occasion during the year you will not find it in that two weeks of vacation.

5. Too many Jeans


I love Jeans. I’m kind of addicted. If I see a new model I’d love to buy it. Especially from my favorite brands. But when I travel I usually take only the Denim with me that I really love wearing. Maybe because they are comfortable and really good-looking. It does not make sense to bring 10 different kind of jeans. I really don’t think you will wear them. I know what I’m talking. I tried that for many years and they came back as I packed them – never touched them.

6. In case of shoes

Shoes! Almost every woman loves shoes. I’m definitely one of them. For me it’s really hard. I love open shoes as sandals, peep toes and so on. During the year in Germany I don’t have so many changes to wear them. So when I travel I’d love to bring at least 80% so I can finally wear them. But of course that is no option. It is totally unrealistic. 1. there is no space and 2. I will not have the opportunity to wear them. I have for example lots of shoes that I call “from car to restaurant”. Means I can go with them from the car to the restaurant but I can’t walk for miles on rough roads. So don’t bring you’re in case of shoes”. Try to think what is your program during your travel. What will you probably do? Maybe that really cool looking pair of shoe is also very comfy and you can wear it in the evening but also maybe during the day. I’m not saying you should just bring one pair of shoes (that would be impossible for me though) but think of the right ones.


7. Books

Whaaaat books? Relax. I’m not saying you don’t have to read. But maybe you have a kindle or iPad and you can download as many books as you want there. I usually always take my iPad. There is an app where I can rent during the month as many books as I want. That’s awesome. Then I take two books with me for the beach. Usually that kind of books I don’t take them home again. I leave the books there in that country. More space for shopping. 😉

8. Clothing that requires ironing

I really don’t think you will have the time (and the desire) to iron your clothes during your travel. Especially if it is something that also need a dry cleaner. You wear it the first day, it gets dirty you then need to find a dry cleaner for that shirt or pants or whatever. Besides the money you have to spend your probably are too lazy to do that. So this clothes will stay there the whole time. You had the change to wear it ones. I’d rather prefer to take something with me that’s easier to handle. The possibility to wear it more often is definitely bigger.



You may agree with me on one or another point? You like this article? You can share it and make me happy. 😉



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Jessica April 16, 2016 at 4:09 pm

I’ve learned to be a super light packer. It’s SO much easier to just carry a backpack.

Marianne @ Mum on the Move April 27, 2016 at 7:36 am

Despite the fact I travel so often, I am terrible at packing light – and you are right.. i always take too many pairs of jeans and shoes and never end up wearing half of them!

    nonsoloamore April 29, 2016 at 5:43 am

    Welcome to the Club 😉

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