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Monday, 2 October, 2023

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The day really starts with a nice breakfast.
For many people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
What we always heard in the past … Eat like an emperor in the morning, like a king at noon and like a beggar in the evening. This saying comes from the older generations. Basically quite simple to explain: “Mornings like an emperor” is about eating the biggest meal in the morning. In the morning the digestive system is still full of power and the body is rested. So if you have something sweet in the morning, it will be burned relatively well throughout the day. At noon there is also enough time to go to sleep. But if I eat two plates of pasta at lunchtime, for example, I am so tired that I have less energy, but more tired. So here, too, you might have to be careful with the carbohydrates if you want to work properly afterwards and don’t have time for an afternoon nap. ‘In the evening like a beggar’ is quite self-explanatory. In the evening the body doesn’t work quite as quickly and the system then shuts down nicely during sleep. But … with us Italians the clock ticks a little differently. Because we love dinner and as much as possible. I am also one of those Italians who eat little or no breakfast in the morning. Unless of course I’m staying at the hotel. Then I enjoy the long breakfast to the full. But then I usually don’t eat lunch either. How then. That would be a bit too much. When there is a really cool breakfast in a hotel, I also take a lot of time. After all, I’m there to engoy.

Here are my top 3 hotels in Germany that have really great breakfast to offer.

Bülow Palais in Dresden

The hotel 5 * is located in Dresden. Separated from the city center by a bridge.

It is located in the beautiful, historic Dresden baroque quarter. It’s a very quiet area.

The hotel is a bit like an art gallery. There are many interesting objects to discover such as furniture, pictures or table decorations that reflect one or more artists. Also locally.

There are two restaurants, the bistro and the restaurant in the courtyard with an adjoining hall. In the morning breakfast is served in the courtyard and in the hall.

Due to Corona, the classic buffet is no longer available, with the exception of the small jam and muesli buffet. Which didn’t hurt breakfast at all. In fact, quite the opposite.

At the Hotel Bülow Palais, in my opinion, they solved this perfectly.

You sit down at your seat and get your hot drinks straight away. The service then brings an étagère where you can find meat, fish and cheese. Different varieties selected exquisitely. Everything in moderation, because everything can be reordered if something is missing or if you want more of it. I think it’s very clever, because the sustainability concept also plays a role here. A small bread basket is served with it. The egg dishes are ordered separately and they are freshly prepared.

The special clue is the waiter, who drives around the room with a small cart with constantly refilled dishes. So many delicacies from sweet to sour can be tried through the range.

The kitchen comes up with something new every morning and sends this novelty with a little greeting from the kitchen.

Grand Hotel Heiligendamm


The Grandhotel Resort Heiligendamm is a five star luxury hotel with 4 restaurants, a spacious SPA area and 199 rooms. The elegant ensemble of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm consists of six historical buildings.

The hotel is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The history of the hotel really has everything that would make it exciting for a good detective story or a journey through history. Dukes, a Prussian queen, a visionary and his family empire, top politicians at the G8 summit, glamor and pure elegance in white. It is not without reason that this hotel is one of the absolute top hotels in Germany.

Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

In my opinion, breakfast is an absolute highlight. There is the breakfast room, which is also a restaurant in the evening or you can sit outside and enjoy the wonderful view of the Baltic Sea.

In keeping with the style of the hotel and the image, everything is served in polished silver carafes and jugs. I love it.

The main buffet is in a separate room and leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. There are additional ‘stations’ in front of it.

You can then order fresh egg dishes or waffles / pancakes on a separate menu.


Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza

The Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza is located in a strategic and picturesque location on the banks of the Main in Sachsenhausen. The view is unbelievable, the relaxation of the banks of the Main and the Frankfurt skyline. The architecture in the New York style of the 30s, elegant ambience with attention to detail, the multiple award-winning New Brick Restaurant and a cozy Harry’s New York Bar attract an international audience.

I was already fascinated by the hotel in the entrance area.

Maybe you remember. In this article I wrote about the Junggesellinnenabschied

The breakfast offers an incredible amount of choice. From yogurts, puddings, creams, various types of cheese, cold cuts, various jams, several types of milk with and without lactose, fish, meat, fresh juices, warm dishes in warming containers and of course freshly prepared egg dishes according to your taste. Several types of bread with grains, without grains, dark, light, pretzels, rolls, sourdough bread … and much more.

Cakes, desserts, pancakes, sweets up and down.

Das New Brick Restaurant ist sehr geschmackvoll eingerichtet, welches morgens als Frühstückslokal dient.

Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza
Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 1
60594 Frankfurt am Main