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Monday, 2 October, 2023

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Meanwhile, the line between business trips and vacations is blurring. But above all, the line between meetings in a casual environment in the hotel and in the office is blurring.

For this reason, more and more hotels are offering the option of meeting in the hotel. With more and more amenities for people who don’t spend the whole day visiting the city, but stay in the room, lobby or on terraces, etc.. Because often business travelers like me are not in conference rooms.

I also made such a business trip to Cologne.

For a meeting with business partners, I chose the 4* Lindner Hotel City Plaza in the city center. On the one hand, strategically very well located, just a few meters from the train station.
And on the other hand, many restaurants and pubs in the immediate vicinity.



The rooms at the Hotel Lindner Köln City Plaza are clean, stylish and furnished to a high standard. There is a desk, a chair, of course a bed, daylight (which I find particularly important) and an armchair.
I must confess that I love armchairs in rooms, because I like to sit in an armchair and read my documents or books. The bed is usually too uncomfortable for me to work and often the desk chair is a little too hard. For this reason, I actually prefer to sit in comfortable armchairs (like this one in the room).

Enough outlets and sockets in the room are also available.


The Hotel

The lobby reminds me a little the 70s.

There is a restaurant and a large breakfast room, which can also be made available for events in the evening.

The hotel is a work of art in itself. On every single floor there is a very special art object or several. From sculptures to murals, everything thematically adapted to the floor. Such things always fascinate me very much, because I appreciate art and especially individuality.

There are themed floors of the street art artist SeiLeise. “City Tour” from the Cologne Cathedral, to the Chocolate Museum and Cologne Zoo. Other floors are 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser, #urbanCGN and street art and Cologne Carnival.

On the lower floor is the fitness center (even with a punching bag).



As mentioned above, the hotel is in a very good location. Strategically perfect for those who arrive by train. Or those who do not necessarily always want to use the car. There is also an underground parking there no worries.

What I always find particularly good, however, is that you can find everything you need as a business traveler within walking distance. Because when I travel on business, I don’t want to take a cab, bus, train, car or anything else to get a bite to eat. Here you have the agony of choice. You can eat in the hotel’s own restaurant, which is also very high quality or in the immediate vicinity you can choose from German to Spanish, from American to vegan cuisine.

From the train station you can also reach super with suitcase on foot to the hotel.

Special highlight

In my opinion, apart from the art inside the hotel, the roof terrace was a highlight. On the terrace there is a lot of lounge furniture, but also normal seating, where you can perfectly hold a meeting. Also the more exclusive business lounge offers many possibilities where you can quietly retreat to work or to discuss things. Especially away from the hustle and bustle of the entrance hall.



I personally find the Lindner Hotel in Cologne perfectly suited to complete a business trip. Of course, also suitable for many tourists due to the facilities and location.

For me as a business traveler, however, the following points were particularly important:

Good daylight in the room.

Roof terrace and business lounge with retreat possibilities for a quiet work.

Restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Good, fast, and most importantly, working Wi-Fi.

Fitness room.


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