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Saturday, 2 December, 2023

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Clubhouse was a phenomenon a few weeks ago that really went through the roof. The question is: is there anyone else there? You have to say that it has of course become less, but it is still a good opportunity in these times when we cannot move that much freely, to network with one another in a completely natural way in a way that is much more approachable than written communication.

Therefore, here are five tips that you should know if you want to network or grow successfully in live situations such as on the clubhouse, on Instagram live or even on Facebook live.

1. Prepare yourself

That sounds obvious now, but unfortunately most of them go very unprepared into situations such as recording podcasts, interviews or even such live situations. Unfortunately, without a preliminary discussion, this can lead to your interview partner, for example, expressing views that you may not get along with very well. Such things should also be clarified clearly in advance in the preliminary discussion. This also includes what you want to discuss thematically so that you don’t lose control over the discussion. Not everything has to be discussed down to the smallest detail, but such a process with e.g. a round of introductions, the goals of the conversation and the starting point should be clear. This creates a rough guide that helps not to get too far off the topic in the end.

2. Don’t be boring

Of course, every person with a certain reach can simply put on make-up and answer questions or just have a chat. But if you are just at the beginning, want to attract new people and draw attention to you, then you should offer added value. You can show this added value in a wonderfully authentic way in live situations. Nothing is worse than boredom. People will remember or even not remember you if you come across as unprofessional or if your live situation just isn’t exciting. A good example of this are introductions that are boring after the fifth time at the latest, whenever the same vegans or travel bloggers introduce themselves.

3. You have the power

It is a risk to simply invite people into the conversation. They might just say things like, “I stumbled in here,” “It’s interesting to hear you guys,” and so on. Perhaps they also ask any questions that may not fit this topic at all. That’s why I would be careful about this and also select really well who you want to let talk on your stage. Questions that you should ask yourself in this regard are: “Who do I want to give space to?”, “Do I have to read every comment in the live stream on Instagram if there are sometimes difficult comments?”, “Do I want to give space to this problem at all at the moment or just ignore them? “,” How much community does the topic allow? ” In general, it is also important to communicate right at the beginning how the live situation is planned and to communicate this again and again as the audience or audience varies.

4. Don’t talk too much

Nobody wants to watch videos that last two hours and where you just don’t get to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit. When you have a topic, try to speak the way you want to say everything and stop the time doing it. In any case, it is good if you tell someone in your private environment such as your partner or a friend about the whole thing and check how long it will take you. Depending on how many guests you have, you should take the number of interlocutors this time and it should not exceed this period. Nobody will watch a live stream video over 60 minutes. This is of course a tip that now only applies to livestream situations where you save the whole thing afterwards. But also with clubhouse, where you can of course not save or for podcasts, the whole thing should apply. In the beginning, if you are a little more unknown, it is better to keep the whole thing short and informative. If you have already built up a community with personal branding and your personality / brand, then you can go into detail and talk about your own life.

5. What is your goal, what do you want to advertise

Of course it’s nice to win over people for you with such live situations. But the question is what for? I’ve unfollowed the majority of the people I’ve met through clubhouse because they aren’t of interest to me for various reasons. Networking doesn’t work, people don’t post regularly, don’t add value to me, and just show something from their private life. There are many reasons. You should see it this way: You are investing time in these live situations. Already in advance through the preparation. So what do you want to achieve with it? And are you maybe not at a point where you can advertise yourself? This is a topic that should not be underestimated. What do you want to advertise? What do you want to achieve? And finally, in the preliminary talk, you should first formulate what you want to advertise and whether that is okay. It should be clear how much space everyone has, including for self-promotion. Possibilities for this are a round of introductions or by introducing these people at the beginning or at the end (who is he/she?, what does he/she do?, what kind of service or product does he/she offer?) Or maybe even is the content of the complete live situation something that you then sell in a larger and more detailed form as an online course or something similar? Thinking about it is really important and not to be underestimated. Because you can ultimately spend your time with other beautiful things.

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