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Berlin, the capital of Germany, a melting pot of cultures. Nowhere else in Germany do I speak as much English as in Berlin, get to know interesting people and their Berlin way of life. Every time I’m here, I bring my special list with me. My friends in Berlin are looking forward to discovering something new. I probably should have just been a tour guide, because it has something to show the locals their own city from a completely new side.

Coffee without remorse

Let’s start with a good iced latte and some lattes for breakfast. In Berlin Neukölln  I can really recommend the Isla Coffee Berlin. It is in the middle of the neighborhood of the Hermannsstraße. You can get good coffee at this lovely place (also as a vegan with oat milk) and treats that are made from leftovers. The shop also offers crockery made from coffee grounds. And while I’m talking, I learn by the way that Neukölln is already out again as a trendy district. Now everyone is moving to Moabit, the island where it’s hard to get away every now and then. We are the only ones who speak German here. Typically Berlin.

Isla Coffee Berlin not only tastes very good, it is also an establishment with a clear conscience. Packaging material and waste are minimized and value is placed on sustainability in all its forms. One of the examples of this are the milk residues during coffee frothing. In this café are weekly about 21 liters, which are then served for a break as a pudding or other food. The Zero Waste Café is also on everyone’s lips across the borders of Neukölln.

In addition to food and drinks you will also find dishes made from coffee grounds. Definitely worth a visit, as it also has vegan options.

Sugar rush at Hackescher Markt

There are many tourists in Berlin. And where there are many tourists, there is a lot of junk food. Between all the places with greasy pizza and microwave sausage but also one or the other awesome place. These include Flakes Corner, which also exists in Cologne and Hanover. If you love corn flakes or pop tart or you want to taste it, this is heaven on earth. In addition to sweet treats, there’s Super Mario on NES and old games like Kniffel, Magic Cube and Mikado. In any case, one does not get bored in this colorfully designed cornflake restaurant.

Since October 2016, customers can enjoy the colorful cornflakes from Germany, the UK and the USA and create their wildest cereal dreams with marshmallow topping and strawberry milk. And who is not just a friend of Fruit Loops and Lucky Charmes: There are also waffles, milkshakes and pop tarts.

Even vegans get their money’s worth here – just ask for the list of vegan products. For those who can not tolerate milk, there is a choice between hazelnut milk, soy milk and almond milk. If cornflakes are too boring on their own, they can refine their sweet mix with 15 varieties of flavored milk or even with toppings of chocolate drops to marshmallows. Those who like it colorful and sweet, will get their money’s worth here.

In the beginning, the selection is extremely difficult and we were struck down by all the colorful faces and figures on the cereal packaging. So my tip: you should contact the service directly and say specifically which variety you have always wanted to try or you just describe whether you like it sweet or not so sweet, chocolaty or fruity. With prices from 3 to about 8 euros, the Cornflakesspaß is not too cheap, but at least you get for a unique taste experience, what you get otherwise only if you buy all the colorful Cerialien for your home. And if that would be cheaper? Such a sweet fun now and then is but twice as nice in the retro atmosphere in the heart of Berlin.

Relax with cats

In Berlin there are of course several cat cafés. The trend is originally from Asia, where housing is limited and most times pets are not allowed. The first cat café in Germany opened in 2012 in Munich. Even in Germany, cafés with cuddly four-legged friends are becoming increasingly popular and of course there are several cat cafés in Berlin. For us the journey to Baristacats is a drive into the green. Just outside the city, but with beer garden and outdoor area BaristaCats exudes its own charm.

Here you can enjoy good and even in bad weather in a classic and almost retro-looking interior to soft piano music his coffee and a piece of cake. Rarely have I been as relaxed as here, and we spent an unplanned, rather than just one hour, afternoon in the middle of the green between some suburban streets and lanes.

What really pleases people about this café is that the team is really friendly and takes good care that the cats are not annoyed or annoyed by the guests – there are clear rules that you can have them. B. sleeping cats does not bother and not photographed with flash. Unfortunately, not all cafes abide by such rules or look away when children or even adult guests sometimes rough with the four-legged friends. For anyone who can not keep a pet and needs some relaxation, I recommend giving this location a chance.

A green oasis in the middle of the city

Right at the Friedrichsstadtpalast I would have expected everything, but not that. matcha cookies, zucchini noodles and a sea of green. And a homemade mint lemonade that is second to none. The House of small wonder is a small holiday from gray Berlin, especially in bad weather, where you have a fine ambience with Japanese influence in jazz music. This restaurant serves breakfast and lunch with vegan options. It also has a distinctive atmosphere with a unique and stylish décor, much like the original in Williamsburg, New York.

It is particularly pleasant that there are many options, such as sandwiches that are prepared to order. Especially recommended is the vegan misssuplet with fresh spaetzle onions, which really tastes good – no matter, whether high summer or rainy weather. If you do not have a palm house nearby, you will find its magic garden here.

Light and atmosphere are also unique in Berlin. And the food is lovingly prepared, cooked from organic ingredients of the region. The zucchini noodles with Chashewsoße I definitely will not have eaten there last time. Anyone who has not really understood what Soulfood is, will understand it after a visit here.

Donuts in Kreuzberg

Anyone who knows Berlin will probably also know Bramnibals, because the shop is no longer a secret.Actually, I’m not a fan of donuts. Mostly they only taste like fat with icing. But this shop has taught me otherwise. Donuts do not always have to be sweet and sweet and can also taste like lavender or topped with Maple Smoked Coconut.

And no, this shop is not just a store that is on everyone’s lips and feed with social media users, the word of mouth is good, because four people have recommended this room of sweet sins at the same time. And those who, like me, do not go out to sweet, greasy ringlets often can relax with the city’s best Iced Matcha Latte. In particular, I currently recommend the varieties Chor Sea Salt, Elderflower and Earl Gray Lemon. In the shop you usually speak – how could it be different – English.

Berlin – a sea of possibilities

This list could be continued indefinitely, because every time I move through the streets of Berlin, I find new locations and test them out or they just come on my list. This will certainly not be my last blog post about Berlin.

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