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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Wine is more than a fascinating, nice drink. It’s not just alcohol. It is a pleasure in its different nuances, flavors and fragrances.

It took me many years to find the right wine for me. I can not say that I’m a wine expert, but I’ve come to the point where I can differentiate between varieties and countries. It’s fun to taste new flavors and always discover something new.

Drinking wine is about experience, fun and, of course, enjoyment.

Fakten über wein

Wine and pleasure in Verona

I stayed at  Hotel Villaquaranta Wine and Spa  in May and had an absolutely incredible time. Finally, I had the opportunity to taste not only exceptional wine, but the combination of excellent food with great wine. When else do you have the option, if not directly with a manufacturer?

Fakten über wein villa quaranta

In the short time I could collect many impressions. I worked almost through the wines and a bit (I have to admit it) enjoyed the SPA.

Fakten über wein

Fakten über wein Fakten über wein

The atmosphere and the location of this Hotel is amazing.

Fakten über wein

I got to know one of the owners Pierangelo Tommasi and asked him some questions. He was born purely into the whole history of wine.

I find it fascinating what you can learn about wine. A drink that has already dazzled gods.

Some interesting facts about Wine

  1. In 1997 an experiment was carried out. In a wine shop, French music was played. The customers bought more French wine. When the music changed to German, more German wine was bought.
    2. The oldest bottle of wine is almost 1700 years old and is exhibited in a Museum Historical Museum of the Palatinate (History Museum of the Palatinate). 




    3. In 2001, a jury of wine experts gave one of the lowest possible scores to a Bordeaux with an average price served in a cheap bottle. When the same wine was served in an expensive bottle, he received one of the highest possible scores.



    4. Dry red wine has hardly any carbohydrates. That’s perfect for a low carb diet. By the way, red wine contains antioxidants. These antioxidants fight free radicals (these nasty things that make you age).

    5. Wine is usually stable for 2 to 3 years. It’s always hard to tell how long the wine actually last. It depends a lot on the wine and the storage. If a wine has more acid, it will last longer. This is because the acid prevents the growth of bacteria.

    6. Tannin is healthy and protects the heart. Pretty much anything in wine that is not alcohol or water is a type of polyphenol. Polyphenols include tannin, coloring pigment, wine flavorings, resveratrol and about 5,000 other plant compounds. Tannin is also found in green tea and dark chocolate. This compound is specifically linked to the inhibition of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, which does the heart very well.

    7. Younger reds are healthier. Because in a young red wine, more tannin is contained, as in an aged red wine.

    8. Which hurts a bit because I’m more of a white wine connoisseur … But red wines have less sulfite content than white wines. This is because red wines are chemically more stable than white wines and do not degrade so quickly.

    9. California is the fourth largest wine producer in the world after France, Italy and Spain.

    10. At the wine tasting, you should keep the wine for a moment or two and then swallow it. A really good wine will have a long aftertaste while an inferior wine will have a short aftertaste.

  2. Fakten über wein Fakten über wein

Personally, I find such a wine weekend fantastic. The fact of networking – good wine, delicious food and great location. Also a nice present for the birthday.


More information on Villa Quaranta Wine and Spa you can get here:

Villa Quaranta Park srl – Via Ospedaletto 57 –

37026 Pescantina Verona –

Tel. +39 045 6767300 – Fax +39 045 6767301 –



Das Hotel habe ich im Zuge einer Recherche zum Thema Wein kennenlernen dürfen. 

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