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Monday, 2 October, 2023

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Whisky = Coziness

The open fire that reflects in the glass of this amber-colored liquid. In every movie or book there is at least one line about Whisky. At least. It seems so cozy to have a drink like this in the hand and to talk about the world. Maybe with your friends in your library with leather sofas.


Problem Number one: I don’t own a library. 🙁 Problem Number two (maybe the most important problem of this two). I don’t like the taste of Whisky.
I really didn’t think that in my head. Not like this to be honest. All the wonderful movies I had in my head – gone with the problem Number two.
But then I got a invitation…

The invitation

I received an invitation from a PR Agency to go to a Whisky tasting. Me? How did they know about my dilemma?
Of course I replied super fast. I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to find the perfect Whisky for me.
The Tasting was at the 25hours Hotel Number One in Hamburg (first 25hours Hotels in Hamburg btw). I like the style of this one. It is kind of 60s and 70s.
Me and my friend Svenja (Strasskind) went to this event together.
Before we started with the alcohol we had the opportunity to eat. Probably they didn’t want to see us dancing on the tables. What a shame. 😉
They had their own food truck outside that served absolutely great burgers and fries. I almost fall in love with the spicy Jalapeño Burger. Yummy.
After that we sat on the well decorated table.
bloggertasting_herrlutz_25h_19 bloggertasting_herrlutz_25h_18 bloggertasting_herrlutz_25h_11
Some spices and chocolate were already on the table waiting for us. We were welcomed from Mr. Lutz who would tell us something about Whisky. What did I think would look like someone who’s passion is Whisky? Maybe a little older with greying templates and a deep voice. But Mr. Lutz with this smart suit and his tattoos looked nothing like I had imagined. The more surprising was his deep knowledge about this fine drink.

The first swallow

We started to test the first Whisky from the company Glenmorangie. Oh yeah a miracle happened. I drunk the whole bottle because it tasted like Coke. Hahaha, of course not. The first swallow wasn’t really good. Not really bad but still not my favorite beverage. The second bottle was poured into the glasses. Nope. Still not really better. It seemed like I would not dream my dream about Whisky anymore.
2016-04-29 19.16.08
Then it came the third bottle. In Germany you say – all the good things are three. The magic three.
My hope. What was this on my thong? Was was this strange taste that felt good in my mouth. Warm, a little strong but with a wonderfully light taste of cherries. I tried another swallow. And yes, I still liked it. It was a Whisky that was aged in a Cherry Barrel. That gave them this light touch of Cherries. Not too much but enough to circumvent my palate.

Expensive = good?

Not for me! The last one we tasted was a very expensive Whisky. I think it was the worst I ever tried. I felt like sitting in the wood and eating moss. I know many gourmets will shake their had. But it’s ok. I can live with that.


Don’t give up. Maybe there are situations where this phase fits better than on alcohol. But I’m not talking about this specific situation. I think that is not about drinking Whisky or eating a Filet or whatever you like. I think that our palate sometimes needs to be trained. And I also think that we shouldn’t forget to reward ourselves from time to time. However you want to. Is it a cool bag or a good bottle of Whisky.

This tasting was absolutely great for me. I don’t know if I will ever be a real Whisky Fan but I know that I found one specific Whisky that I can drink without making faces. And I had the opportunity to try new things.

My resume: I like tastings!!

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Kristin September 24, 2016 at 7:43 pm

Like eating moss? Haha! I, too, am not a whiskey fan. However, Mr. Lutz would have sold me a bottle based upon how bold he was looking. I might be very wrong here, I’ve been told Whiskey is a man’s drink?

    nonsoloamore October 5, 2016 at 7:01 am

    I’ve heard about that “man’s drink” but I wouldn’t agree on this. 😉 Maybe some like the very old one. Hahahaha

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