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Monday, 2 October, 2023

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Travel bloggers favorite destination

5 Travel bloggers will show you their best and favorite travel destination.  Let them inspire you with great, sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, rafting or hiking tours and much more.

Stunning and so different from each other.



Hiking across Northern Sweden (Kungsleden trail)

Sweden is not as famous for its nature as their neighbors to the west, Norway.
But Sweden had nothing to be ashamed of.

This Kungsleden trail will take you trough three different National Parks which are the first national parks that got established in Europe back in 1909, so you got some complete wilderness to explore that hasn’t changed in a century.

The most impressive thing with the hike is how easy and well-marked it is, so even the biggest beginner can do it, but it also offers a lot of side trips for the more experienced hiker.

Christian Lindgren

Christian Lindgren

Christian Lindgren

Dominican Republic

It may seem commonplace choose the Dominican Republic as one of the places that most surprised me, or as best destination. But after the strict european winters, we always dream with the warm and blue waters of the Caribbean. And there is much more to explore than just beaches.
If Punta Cana is a paradise, but too touristic for your taste, the Dominican Republic has much more to show, as its beautiful green landscapes and waterfalls in mesmerizing mountains. That is for example the case of waterfalls El Salto del Limón in Samaná, or the trip you can do to Los Haitises National Park, which is on the northeast coast of the country. If there are also idyllic beaches? Yes. The one from Saona island in the Parque Nacional del Este. It is breathtaking. Happy travels!
Susana from
El Salto del Limon Republica Dominicana © Viaje Comigo

© Viaje Comigo

Ilha Saona Rep Dominicana © Viaje Comigo

© Viaje Comigo

viaje comigo

viaje comigo

Everest Base Camp

I’d read about Everest Base Camp, watched documentaries about Everest Base Camp but didn’t realise a non-mountaineer can actually visit Everest Base Camp.

So in the Autumn of 2012 I trekked for 10 days to reach my destination at 5,364m, the end point for me but the starting point for hundreds of summiters every year.
From the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, to the “interesting” landing at Lukla Airport, to the luscious greenery as you ascend through the valleys, to the ever smiling Nepalese people you meet en route, to the bare landscape as you go up above the tree line, to the final few miles across the glacier to Base Camp. What an epic adventure, achievable by anybody with just average levels of fitness
I’ve never breathed in such fresh, clean mountain air and recommend the trip to everyone.

Steve Biggs

Steve Biggs


Steve Biggs

Penang, Malaysia

“Food, Heritage, People. ” this pretty much sums up Penang as the best tourist spot I’ve been to. Although I am a Penangite myself, I am not biased towards Penang, in fact, I have all the reasons in the world to love Penang! Firstly, it has long been recognized as the best gastronomic destination in the world. No matter you are a fan of spicy food, desserts or traditional cakes, Penang never disappoints. Other than that Penang, especially Georgetown, is rich in culture heritage, a big melting-pot of our unique multi-racial culture! Evidence? There is a mosque, a chinese temple, church and an indian temple close to each other! How about that!

Vivian from


Victory Falls

Victoria falls is one the natural wonders of the world. The falls are considered the biggest in the world and in the last years became Africa’s capital of Adrenaline and Adventurous Sports. When we went there and  we did the world-famous Zambezi Rafting and the flight of the Angels Helicopter Ride. The rafting is 3 hours long, full of adrenaline and is considered one of the best in the world. Despite this, anyone can do it. The heli ride is an opportunity to the Victoria falls from above. It’s a great place to fly in a helicopter for the first time.

You can also do bungee and swing jumps, go in safaris or even go the unbelievable Devil’s Pools! But it isn’t all about adrenaline we can also relax do the famous tour bridges or cruises in the upper Zambezi.


rafting victoria falls (4)Victoria Falls (14)

What ist your favorite destination? Going hiking, rafting or relaxing at the beach?




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RoarLoud April 28, 2016 at 7:50 pm

My new favorite is the Azores- off the coast of Portugal. Lush volcanic islands with endless outdoor adventures to enjoy!

    nonsoloamore April 29, 2016 at 5:42 am

    That sounds definitely amazing

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