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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Spring is somehow always the time when you look a little bit deeper at the mirror. The beach body has to come. Soon bikini time is around the corner.
If you did not go regularly to do sports during winer, you should start as soon as possible.
There are many paths leading to Rome or even a nice beachbody. For everyone the word “beautiful” is interpreted differently. I’m not talking about model dimensions, but about a healthy body and a healthy soul that radiates to the outside.
A simple and above all effective method is the icing the fat cells. Sounds crazy,but it’s not. I have tried it myself and it does not hurt.

Fat away – come on

Some fat cells which also do not go away by sport, are the worst. Maybe no one sees them just you. But that is enough. Especially in the hip area or perhaps the thighs. I was bothered by this fat on the hip, just above the bikini panties. Not much, but enough to bother me.

Cold … .brrrrr

I searched the internet and found it. In Hamburg at Body Designer. The staff member Daryana was incredibly nice and answered all questions in the first conversation. We have done an extensive test, how the fat portion in the body looks and what to look for, etc. I was enthusiastically. I wanted that. Absolutely!

The Body Designers Hamburg

The next date went on. On both sides these parts were applied. They are fixed so that the plates are exactly where the fat is to melt. You relax in a cozy atmosphere, get a lemon water and read the latest gossip and gossip magazines.

The feeling:

First, it is somewhat unpleasant because the temperature drops to about 2 to 5 degrees. Which is, of course, strange. I am a quite pain-sensitive person and my connective tissue is quite tight. So I had no pain. Sometimes a tingling sensation. But that’s it. As soon as the things are down, they come back with another device, which, so to speak, destroys the frozen cells. This is even very habitufitted. It feels a bit like small electrical shocks. However, only for a few seconds, that was it.

After that:

Then you can still apply cream and put on. The spots remain quite cold and slightly red for quite a while. But that too is over. The next day? Nothing. You see absolutely nothing.

Keep it up:

After three treatments you are measured again and it is incredible, but the fat has become less. And exactly where you wanted it to be.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-12 um 18.10.07


What during the first consultation becomes clear quite quickly and also during the further. If you want to change something, you have to change your diet. It does not use every morning to eat the fat nuetabers and the box of chocolates and then to the fat-off-doctor runs. It is about becoming aware of being healthier. If you want, you can also get suggestions and a plan for Detox at BodyDesigners.
No matter where you go. It is important that this person really has an inkling of what she is doing and does not promise you miracles. Whoever does this is dubious. So look closely and listen to the inner voice.


My first yoga (you hardly believe it), I had in the Maldives. And whoever thinks that yoga is such a snoring-relaxing thing is definitely wrongly wrapped. I do sport regularly, but I found yoga really hard.


Location: Kandima Maldives


“My” yoga (there are also differences), individual muscle parts were tensed and held over several seconds / minutes. Alone the fact of stretching his arms in the air and keeping her like that for a few minutes, sounds like nothing but is exhausting. Because after a few minutes you feel that they are getting heavier.


Location: Kandima Maldives


During the training, very much stretching was done. It’s about getting more agile and pulling the muscles into a nice shape. I like stretching. I always love it. And many people should do that too, because it does very well to the whole body.


Location: Kandima Maldives


Of course, in the end, the relaxation comes. And the relaxation is naturally strengthened by a white sand beach on the Maldives again 100x. Naturally. But if you are not exactly there, you can also imagine its surroundings directly. Basically, it is about going within and breathing deeply out of itself and thinking. Where and when.

Power Plate

My absolute favorite to a fast beach body is the powerplate. I am so often smiled when people ask me what sport I am doing and I say: Power Plate. Of course, I combine the powerplate with the Crosstrainer for the condition, but no matter. All that most people hear is vibration plate. And the thought – you just put it on and can be shaken is particularly widespread.

NONSENSE!! This is not the case. If you use the vibrating plate properly, you can train your muscles much more intensively. And I tell you, I still have quite a lot of muscle aches when I train new muscle groups.



But you have to do it properly. Sometimes I see people standing there dadrauf and can only shake their heads. The muscles are not tense and the vibration goes over the crooked back directly into the head. Then come comments: “I always get headache from it.” Yes, of course, who is surprised.

I was lucky enough to have a personal trainer who introduced me to the world of the PowerPlate. It was just great. He showed me exactly how to stand and how to train which muscle part.

More than shaking

For all people who read this and still smile, here are some background information. For all football fans – also soccer teams and our national team uses the vibration plate. A lot of athletes use it as a stabilization training. To promote stability in leg and arm musculature. Many golfers use it for your back muscles and skiers for thigh training. It can be used to strengthen the muscle, but also to relax and massage. Our astronauts, by the way, were the first to use this type of vibration to get fit for the flight.

Tight skin

Another advantage of this plate is that the skin becomes firmer. The circulation is promoted and this improves the skin image visibly. By the muscle the basic turnover increases and one burns calories.


You can passively perform the exercises, so to speak. So do not move and bring the vibration to where you want them to be. But you can also perform real movements like in the gym or stretching. This naturally increases the weight loss or the strengthening of the muscle. I do some exercises from the yoga on the plate and it works great.

Some therapists also use the Power Plate as a rheumatoid. But there you should be really careful and be accompanied by a professional.


For whom is suitable, everyone should determine themselves. There are now many ways to make your body fit. There is also not just an abdominal exercise or just a way to lose weight. There are countless possibilities. You just have to come to the right consultants or coaches who have a clue about what they do. Then work out a plan that is perfect for your life and everyday life. And do not forget the diet. If you want to lose a bit or just look healthier, the diet should also go in the direction. I have not written any tips for the “perfect beach body”, because what is PERFECT, which is always in the eye of the beholder.


Location: Kandima Maldives

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