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Monday, 17 June, 2024

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I did fly a few times business class with various airlines and this time I had the opportunity to fly with Turkish Airlines.

By plane to Egypt

My journey went to Hurghada the Watersports Festival.

I had already written about my diving adventure. The route was Hamburg – Istanbul – Hurghada.

Hamburg – Istanbul – Hurghada

Already at Check it, a Priority Band is connected to the luggage items at Business Class. It is said that your luggage is first placed on the belt. However, what did not work at all on my return trip to Hamburg.
On boarding, you enter the plane first. No waiting lines when getting in and out.
Before the plane lifts, is still quite a lot of time. All the people must get in and put their luggage away. During that time you get a delicious drink in the business class. There is everything to choose from. I opted for a freshly squeezed O-juice.


The seats are leather.





During the meal I drank the fresh lemonade. A dream. I can only recommend this to everyone. Very tasty, refreshing, not too sour and with a touch of mint.


Turkish Airlines Business Class

Can’t say no to Champagne.

First of all, I got a selection of appetizers. For what I am always extremely enthusiastic, are these small salt and pepper or the small bottle of olive oil. I know maybe a bit childish. But I like that. 🙂

Turkish Airlines Business Class Turkish Airlines Business Class Turkish Airlines Business Class

I have to say that everything tasted good to me. The dessert I first laid aside, because I wanted to eat my fish before. The fish you can see in the photo was the main course I choose.

Turkish Airlines Business Class

The vegetables were cooked perfectly to the point. Crispy and the fish nice and juicy. The taste was very tender and the fresh aromas of the vegetables were very good.
Then there was coffee and my dessert, which I had laid aside.
For me the portions were absolutely sufficient. I have to confess that I have completely failed to taste the delicious bread because it was just too much.
The flight time is about 3 hours and goes really fast.
The entertainment program was really varied. But in the relatively short time I have read the magazines that brought me the nice stewardess and spoke me with my seat neighbors.


The airport in Istanbul-Ataturk is the largest airport in Turkey. It is over 250,000 m² in size and has like most major airports all types of shops and restaurants. Who flies Business Class into the TA Business Lunch. I tell you, this is an experience.


If you were not hungry on the plane, there is so much you will find in the lounge. At every corner there are different dishes and spots, where they have life cooking stands.

Antipasti or dessert buffetts and coffee and tea, all kinds of spirits and beverages are available.

Turkish airlines business lounge Turkish airlines business lounge Turkish airlines business lounge Turkish airlines business lounge Turkish airlines business lounge

I could not try anything. I had thank God (unbelievable that I actually say this) but thank God on the return flight a long stay. Because time flies so quickly there.
Especially delicious were the biscuits to the coffee. But also the many, delicious appetizers and the freshly prepared dishes from the chefs. Everything perfect to the point and tasty. I could have stayed there and eat and eat and eat.


Turkish airlines business lounge Turkish airlines business lounge Turkish airlines business lounge Turkish airlines business lounge Turkish airlines business lounge

The whole structure is impressive in itself. This goes over two floors and everywhere there are retreats. On almost every seat or on the pillars are sockets to recharge laptops or smartphones.
If you want, you can relax by the sounds of the piano player.

Turkish airlines business lounge


But you can also do some sports. I played a little bit of Golf and it was so much fun. Had a few laughs.

Turkish airlines business lounge

IMG_7683 Turkish airlines business lounge


If you want to have a massage, you can book. If you want to shower and want to make fresh, can do that there also. There are really few things you can not do there.
I don’t know, but I was impressed.


Turkish airlines business lounge IMG_8432

Flight back

My flight back how was during the night or early morning. This was my food.

IMG_2437 IMG_4205 IMG_4456 IMG_6365 IMG_9041 IMG_5918

IMG_4205 IMG_2266


The business class of Turkish Airlines on the route Hamburg-Istanbul – Hurghada is definitely worth a very intensive consideration. Just being able to stay in the TA lounge is an important aspect. The staff was consistently incredibly friendly. The flight was relaxed and pleasant. Everything goes a little faster. The handling at the airport, the transfer and the suitcase issue. It is a round package.


Thank you to the organization of the Watersportsfestival in Hurghada and Turkish Airlines to attend the Event and to be able to fly with this great Airline. 

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