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Monday, 17 June, 2024

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Some people will know them, because in many countries they can already be found in many places: Instagram museums or museums that contribute at least instagramable scenes. Meanwhile, some people travel for hours, for example, to go to a very nice café and take photos like Peggy Porsches Cupcakes in London. And also Bonn was very popular this year for the cherry blossom due to a certain avenue.

So why not whole museums, where you can find good scenery and lighting for a great Instagram feed?

In this blog post I show you some locations in Europe, where you can make terrific photos for Instagram.

Already in the year 2018, in the Superdandy Museum in Cologne you could make colorful photos in Candy Colors in motley scenes.

Once again be a child. No matter if carousel horse, sweets or ball bath – this concept is common to all Instagramable museums like The Smile Safari in Brussels.

The Smile Safari in Brussels

If you have time until 30.11 to go to Brussels, you should do that. Currently there is one of my favorite Instagram museums worldwide. My heart is bleeding because we really do not have time until 30.11. to go there. I still have a voucher for a Europe-wide long-distance bus trip, but I’m currently short on time. The Smile Safari is the first Instagram museum in Belgium. With numerous scenarios you will find a variety of settings for photos. With more than 50 different photosets from Busenbergen to tropical swings to the inside of a grapple machine, you have by far the largest selection in Europe.

Tickets are available as an adult for 20 euros at the Smile Safari Museum. And the site is also available in English.

Those who have the time to travel to Brussels in November should seize the opportunity – with over 50 installations, The Smile Safari has the widest selection and is the cheapest of the featured museums, with 20 euros per ticket for an adult.

Also in Amsterdam you will find many colorful places. In addition to cafes, you can currently go on an expedition in the WONDR Experience Museum.

WONDR Experience in Amsterdam

You will have the opportunity to visit this museum in Amsterdam until the beginning of next year. You can also combine this visit with a visit to the Amsterdam Light Festival. Although the venues are really instagramable, this museum does not see itself as an Instagram museum. Rather, it invites people into 15 interactive spaces and what they do there is up to you. So a bit like my husband, who likes to relax in a ball pool and is a kid again in the last few years without a photo session.

Here it is less about mass, but about the experience. Once again be a child. But who now thinks that this is fun for the whole family: Children over 10 years are allowed in the museum under supervision. Even if the ball pool brings us back to childhood: After all, it is in the extensive installations a risk, children alone to run there.

Tickets for the WONDR Experience are at 24.50 euros.

Do not worry, the marshmallows are not real in the WONDR Experience. Or do you think that’s a pity?

A touch of China Town – in this light installation with a mirror in the Cali Dreams Museum, there’s no point without a ring light, if you do not want to take a picture of yourself.

The Cali Dreams Museum in Dusseldorf

In the near future I will open a new Blogpost dedicated to this museum. Many have already wished on Instagram that I write a review and tell them how I liked it. Here is just the short version of it.

The Cali Dreams Museum in Dusseldorf opened at the end of October and offers its visitors numerous photo scenes on more than 1500 square meters. If you would like to be for yourself, this museum is definitely the best choice, because here you have individual rooms with mostly 2-3 photo motifs, which are separated by curtains. We had some problems with our visit, because the lighting situation was difficult in some rooms. However, the museum has now upgraded ring lights. In the next few days I will write a small report with a tour of this museum. Incidentally, some friends of mine from NRW decided unanimously that they personally like the museum better than the one in Cologne, because here the atmosphere is simply more intimate.

Tickets are available per person for 2 hours for about 30 euros, family tickets for 4 people cost 99 euros.

Ball bath and squeaky ducks – at the Cali Dreams Museum this dream comes true.

Supercandy Pop Up Museum Vol. 2 in Cologne Ehrenfeld

Some of you who follow me on Instagram may remember that my husband and I visited a Supercandy Museum in Cologne Ehrenfeld last year. Since the beginning of November this year, there is a new edition, which is again for the most part very different than its predecessor. While I have emphasized at the Cali Museum in Dusseldorf that it is a tour of many smaller rooms, where you can work your way through room by room, this is again a very fresh and different concept, that is perfect with the museum in Dusseldorf added.

Here in the Supercandy Museum this time you are in a large hall, which offers a much more open concept for photos with 3 levels than in its predecessor and where you can still have your peace. Only one thing is unfortunately different here – the museum no longer opens at 10 o’clock, but at 12 o’clock. That means it will never be completely empty. Again, we had little trouble around 12 o’clock. Only the House of the Money setting with a pink bank vault was blocked almost half an hour after our release by two ladies who also demolished the existing set neatly. At the dear request of my husband after about 25 minutes of waiting time, if the ladies could not even let us there for 5 minutes, since we would have to leave in 20 minutes, these also reacted offended.

A ticket for an adult is priced at 29 euros. As a 4 person group you pay for 3 and therefore 87 euros.

If you want to feel pink like Dagobert Duck, you should expect a little wait or take this photo set first. It is located on the ground floor, just to the left of the four neon-colored balls, somewhat hidden.

All just stolen?

In fact, I have heard at least once about each of these museums that it is just a cheap copy of this or that museum. The name of the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco usually fell. But honestly, would you travel halfway around the world for such a museum? After all, I studied German language and literature and of course I am also familiar with the topic of intersexuality. Artists, authors, all are inspired by things that are already there. When Andy Warhol painted a tin of soup, did someone shout that the design was stolen?

In my opinion, newly created museums are definitely wonderful, because this way I can travel to these places in an environmentally friendly way without flying halfway around the world for a few photos. After all, almost everything is reproducible today and I’m honestly waiting for such a café or museum of this kind to become a franchise, and there will be an Instagram Museum in London, one in Berlin, and so on.

These museums are not just for Insta Girls or photographers – companies can also produce good and inexpensive photos for their online shops here.

Not only for Insta Girls

Of course, you can just have fun in this museum or take pictures with friends there. Back in the Superdandy Museum Vol. 1 I remember a lively asian woman with selfiestick, who was there alone on an exploratory trip and took a maximum of 5 photos. We meanwhile around the 800 photos with the SLR, not counting hand photos and about 200 boomerangs.

But who else can use these museums wonderfully for low-cost photos, of course, in addition to photographers and companies that color with the neon and candy colors can do something and want a consistent look for their shop. Socks, shoes, clothes, accessories – in these museums, you can take photos with good light at low cost.

Especially light installations can still be copyrighted as art. In this light, we are on the safe side, because it is currently in the Superdandy Museum in Cologne Ehrenfeld.

Please inform before you take pictures!

Well last but not least, I do not want to salt your soup. But not every place you find on Instagram as a popular photo spot is a place where you can easily take pictures. There are two good examples where photos or filming can be expensive. For one thing, this is probably the most famous example of the Eiffel Tower at night due to the light installation. Until a few years ago, the organization SETE had taken it very strict and even warned many who posted only his holiday photos publicly on Facebook. Meanwhile, you can simply add a credit to the caption if you use it for private purposes.

However, this is again a question of whether one can still speak of private use, if someone has a public Instagram account, which basically has to have an imprint according to German Telemedia Act. And if you only have a cooperation in the feed, you can already speak of a commercial purpose of the profile with profit.

It was similar with the Blue Port Hafencity light installation in Hamburg, where it was clear from the beginning that you have to pay a fee to publish photos. Elsewhere, photography is completely forbidden, for example with Spielpark Berlin, which has served as a backdrop in numerous films, the Botanical Museum in Berlin and the Tropical House near Planten and Blomen in Hamburg. Nevertheless, you will find numerous photos of these Geotags on Instagram. I recommend you: Make smart and call once and get a written permission by mail, before you take pictures somewhere and it can be expensive. Especially for commercial purposes, you should be well informed, what works and what does not. In the end, having photos that you can not use is not the truth.

Between colorful balloons and light blue balls – at first glance, tickets seem expensive to all museums, but in the end, you’ll be taking unique photos in each one, like here at the WONDR Experience in Amsterdam.

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