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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Of course, it’s autumn, winter is slowly coming and more and more people are moving to Bali, to the South, or simply to where it’s warm. But it does not always have to be abroad or the excursion to the crowded Christmas market. All around the year, Marburg in the heart of Germany is a good choice.

A little bit away from everyday life

I used to have relatives in this city and otherwise I would never have traveled there by myself. And most of those who have been from my circle of acquaintances in Marburg, things are similar. The city in Hesse is not as central as Hamburg or Hanover and driving there takes time. But it’s worth it – especially if you want to switch off a bit.

The city on the Lahn lures with the mixture that it is on the one hand a student city, but on the other hand not as big and pompous as some other city, which has expanded in the course of time on and on.

To the city by elevator

Marburg city center is always steeply uphill. A special feature of Marburg, however, is that there are several elevators in the Upper Town. So you can also easily and without much effort and climbing stairs up to the city center. The arrived you have many, small streets full of shops, some of course to be found everywhere. But especially in Marburg there are also many small shops that you will not find everywhere. For example, last summer I bought a very nice calendar there in a local stationery.

In the “Cappuccino” there are good smoothies and juices, snacks and of course coffee.

This café is more or less my regular café in Marburg, because of its quiet atmosphere in the middle of the hectic shopping street.

This café is more or less my regular café in Marburg, because of its quiet atmosphere in the middle of the hectic shopping street.This café is more or less my regular café in Marburg, because of its quiet atmosphere in the middle of the hectic shopping street.

Breakfast on the stairs

Frankly, vegan food is not so easy in Marburg as it is elsewhere. Nevertheless, there is a small, but fine selection of vegan pubs. Personally, “The Break” has been well remembered – a place that is located in the middle of the stairs. Thus, the name is a prophecy, because here you can really good in any weather a rest on the ascent or descent. The vegan scrambled egg is unsurpassed yummy and the pancakes are delicious too.

The vegan scrambled egg on the way up is highly recommended.

Even if the climb is sweaty – I personally like it best in the upper parts of the city. There is then rarely much going on.

Those who are not so good on foot can reach the Marburg by bus. However, both the way up and the down is well worth it.

On the castle

Of course, Marburg belongs to Marburg Castle. It towers high over the city like a crown. This place is not only popular with tourists, but is a popular meeting place for locals, especially in summer when the weather is good. Here you can party, take pictures or just enjoy the view over the city as the seasons change.

The castle has existed since the 11th century and has a long and rich history behind it. It is definitely worth a look in the castle park. Admission is free. And even from the inside you can visit the castle well on days when the weather is rather bad. The entrance and also guides you get relatively cheap.

Especially in summer Marburg Castle and the surrounding walls are a very popular meeting place. From there you can enjoy a fantastic view over the whole city. I recommend you come there either at sunrise or sunset and just spend the blue and golden hour there.

Near the campus there are many opportunities for activities in bad weather.

A city for bad weather

Actually, you do not want bad weather on holiday, but in Marburg that’s half as bad, because there are a lot of cultural offers and ways to spend time in bad weather. So the city near the university has a late café or there are also nice cafes and bistros like the already mentioned “Cappuccino” or “The Break”. And also a rich offer of museums is waiting to be discovered. As a humanities scholar, I especially like the Romantic Museum, but of course the Museum anatomicum Mineralogical Museum is also interesting.

Everywhere in the city you will find interesting places, buildings, small churches – in fact it is not so easy to give tips because you should save every detail on the spot with GPS in this winding city.

There are felt to be 1000 small paths and paths that run through Marburg like lifelines. So you can always rediscover the city for yourself and find interesting places that might not have been known before.

Nice buildings

Something very obvious is that Marburg is a specialist workshop. And she is very well received. You can find that in Germany now and then, but not so often. Therefore, I think that you can also have a lot of it, just aimlessly to roam the streets of Marburg and to be surprised by the city. In general, of course, one can stoically stick to travel planners or a bucket list, but the most beautiful thing is still to discover things for oneself. This is the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique holiday – just how you can experience it.

Marburg is the city of stairs. Although there are some elevators, but you should be prepared to walk many stairs. My personal recommendation would also be flat school. At that time on my first visit to the city at 14 I ruined my beloved boots thanks to the ancient pavement. I would like to spare you that.


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