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Tuesday, 3 October, 2023

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Always on the go, it works for many of my friends and relatives. That’s why I would like to give a few tips on all the way being on the road, what you can do here in the beautiful Germany so on the weekend or a short break away from home.

Don Giovanni at the state opera Hamburg – in front: Anna Lucia Richter, Andrè Schuen

A dazzling womanizer

Let’s just start in Hamburg. By fortunate circumstances I had the accompanying card for the premiere of Don Giovanni in Hamburg. I do not want to give too much away, but the production of Don Giovanni with the well-known Don Juan theme, which we know from Casanova to Two and a Half Men, is in the true sense of the word dazzling. Whether you like it with all the glitter, you have to decide yourself as a spectator. How the video material was used within the production, I asked myself: Is not everything in our world reproducible today? Under the video you can find the links to the outfit, the Tiktokvideo can be danced. How would I have reacted if I had seen 15 seconds of this glittering holiday scene in an Instastory?

Further performances will take place on the 3rd, 6th and 9th of November 2019 at 7 pm in the Great House of the Hamburg State Opera.

In the Cali Dreams Pop Up Museum, pink dreams come true – in more than 20 artistic installations you can let off steam creatively in pictures or moving images.

Pretty in pink

Maybe you know San Francisco’s legendary Museum of Ice Cream – a mecca for every Instagram user from around the world. In our time, people from all over the world travel to Bonn, because there is a road with beautiful cherry trees in the cherry blossom time. So why not bring the California Dreaming feeling to Germany? After the Superdandy Museum last year in Cologne Ehrenfeld and several other European Pop Up museums like in Brussels and Amsterdam, Düsseldorf is now moving to the Cali Dreams Museum. Founders Mike Naseband and Kevin Rock have invested a lot of money and love in this project to create a museum that can compete with other major cities such as New York, Tokyo or Singapore.

My husband and I will visit the museum next week and see how well this museum appeals to us and who this museum is best for.

Love yourself first

“Life is too short to feed the stomach.” Is the motto of Sandra Wurster. In the meantime she has built up a big community with Kim Hoss and others, the Bauchfrauen, and they are meanwhile also on tour with it. Who has spontaneous time this weekend, can see on 2 November and 3 November, if he can get hold of a map for the Hamburg workshops on self-love and body acceptance.

And who wants to know how my husband found the workshop in Stuttgart in the spring, can read that here.

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