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Mark Twain, who was my travel companion recently in the form of an ebook, once said, “You have to travel to learn.” If that’s true, then I’m really lucky, because right now I’m always on the move in the time between two apartments and experience great cities, wonderful sunsets on the sea and in the mountains and have just traveled to the UK, while I have a new one Travel to a completely different continent.

For about three or four months I can say of myself: I live out of my suitcase. And my handbag for traveling, which is already quite damaged, I call aptly: the office. Because university, work, blogging, photos – everything happens on the go, in hotels, airbnbs or nice cafés. The first half of this blog post I screamed in Manchester in a vegan dinner with my husband, who relish the best milkshake of his life. And the second half I wrote in my birth town Cuxhaven with my best friend by my side.

If you travel so much, with me 10 places in the last 14 days, then order is really half or maybe even whole life. Therefore, I tell you what I need analogue and digital on the go. Whoever travels knows what his travel essentials are.

Maps of today

Without offline maps, nothing works for me, because sometimes I’m in the EU and sometimes not – I do not want to be dependent on my data volume in Highspeedgeschwindkeit anyway. That’s why I’m a big fan of offline maps – whether it’s an extra app or Google Maps. The main thing, you can orient yourself.

And a little secret from me as an Instagram girl: You do not have to imitate one on one, as people pose coolly in front of graffiti walls, but looking for anesthetics over geotags is a great way to prepare for a trip and to see which places you want to visit or which appear once too often on Instagram at the Selfies. In England, for example, I found cool cafes and vegan restaurants, a location for outfit photos and just a bow around the typical photo motifs – one would also like to somehow take pictures of something that does not already exist 1 million times.

Summer and winter can not be done without my headphones – so they are cherished and cared for. Therefore, for me, high-quality headphones are always an investment.

Not without my In Ears

I know, probably every one of you has headphones. But my headphones are essential! They are always with me because I just never got warm with Oropax. That’s why I often need them, not just to listen to audiobooks or for music, but also for audio messages, phone calls.

People keep asking me how I could work on train driving. The secret is simple: I use White Noise Apps.

Noise as a travel essential

Some like wave noise, some rain or even thunderstorms. Or maybe you prefer a jungle, a campfire or the pleasant whisper in a restaurant? What seems obscure at first is an absolute must for me. I got to know the so-called white noise, because a friend of mine swore by it. Her baby did not get her to fall asleep. So I tried it once – not with such weird noises as fan or washing machine. And it worked, indeed! Now I can sit in the plane while a kid yells right behind or with a dozen bachelorette parties. I can work and sleep wherever I want. There are many free apps with white noise.

A good way to start the day is for me to relax while enjoying my Cold Brew coffee with ice cubes and some oatmeal. Whether in Oldenburg, Copenhagen or London.

Cold coffee is a must

It is a mystery to me why he is still widely known in Germany during the summer of the 20th century. But one thing I can say is that he is always near me! I’m not talking about my husband, but about Cold Brew coffee.

What’s so good about Cold Brew? He is scalded cold – with me overnight, just put 3 level coffee spoons of mild armor in a decanter and then leave for 8 hours or more in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, there are many places where you can buy fresh cold brew – he tastes best in the Café Isla in Berlin-Neukölln and in the fluorescent, also in Neukölln. But also the coldbrew in Bristol, Manchester and London could be seen – since then I also like a shot of oatmeal in my coldbrew. Whatever the reason, the British are more fans of oatmeal.

But also finished in the refrigerator, there are some Cold Brew providers. I find the coldbrew of Lycra from the beautiful city of Hamburg, which ordered me a few months ago Jonah in a nice gesture, because it only existed in and around Hamburg at that time. Fortunately, you can now buy it throughout Germany. Philosoffee from Berlin has character and there is a variant with tonic water, which is a refreshingly different taste.

Coffee does not always have to be boring and mixed with milk. My secret recipe is 0.2 liter coldbrew with the juice of an orange and half a grapefruit and some grated ginger. This little coffee cocktail came to my mind when I drank a cold brew, which unfortunately was completely saccharified. If you do not feel like hip trendy cafés, you can mix it all at home.

Not only scouts should be ready at all times. Even as a vegan you often experience that you get stuck for a few hours at the airport or on the train. It’s better to have an emergency ration with you.

Nuts for emergencies

Nuts are not only healthy, they also have a very high energy density – up to 650 calories per 100 grams. That means that I have a small portion of emergency nuts with me. This does not take up much space in a purse or backpack and has proven itself many times well. It is the same with a water bottle. I will not leave  home without my glass water bottle. Hydration is not only good in summer, in Winter I prefer some hot coffee or tea.


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