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Saturday, 2 December, 2023

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Turin is a beautiful city still struggling with prejudice. Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region. 14 different castles in Turin and the surrounding area show that Turin was once the capital of Italy. The entire architecture in Turin testifies to class.


One of my favorite museums is the Filmmuseum in the Mole Antonelliana. Every year different temporary exhibitions on characters and film periods as well as special days and demonstrations are shown. The elevator completely made of glass is particularly impressive. On clear days you can see from above the Alps, the Basilica of Superga and the whole city. However, anyone who studies should think twice about going up. A legend has something to do with Turin’s landmark. Not only should you not climb to the top of the jetty during your exams, but you should never do it before graduation. Because otherwise it is said that you will never achieve it.

Bronze of Columbus

In Piazza Castello, a few steps from the Royal Library, is this bronze high relief of the famous Genoese navigator and explorer. Christopher Columbus. Rubbing its legendary little finger brings luck. Although nobody supposedly believes in it, the rubbing made the finger so thin that it had to be replaced.

The hills of Turin

The ideas of nocturnal raids pile up on Turin’s hill. That led to adventurous fantasies. From the notorious Panther who gave the student movement of 1989 the name whose footsteps were “unequivocally” found around Superga, to a band of ninjas (but absolutely good) who would take care of the wrong during the night and the To defend couples from aggression.

Secret rooms under the Gran Madre

Just below the church of the Gran Madre are supposedly secret dormitories. Allegedly there were beings, half human and half animals, who submitted to the religious. These beings. For a long time, no subway was built to maintain the balance of good and evil. What has now smashed now.

Toro / bull

If you stroll through the arcades in Piazza San Carlo, you will see a bull on the ground. Anyone who has ever been to Turin has certainly walked over it. This bull brings luck. How do you activate happiness? You have to step on the testicles of the golden animal. Anyone who takes a bit of a stand to one side or drinks a coffee in the Cafe Torino relaxed, can observe that some behave cautiously with their foot.

PS: This are typical legends. Italians are very superstitious. Don’t take everything too seriously.

5 Dinge, die sie nicht über Turin wussten


Hotel tip

The DoubleTree by Hilton Turin Lingotto is a design hotel in the area of the Lingotto Automobile Museum. It is a restored car factory from FIAT. Inside you can admire the original drawings of the reconstruction.


The hotel is located in the district of Lingotto, not far from the famous Automobile Museum. Directly in front of the Hotel there is the gourmet market “Eataly”. This “foodcourt” is a small wonderland. You can buy Italian specialties there or eat right there. But beware. The restaurants open at lunch, make a break and then after 18.00 clock again. Prices are slightly higher than in other parts of Turin.

The hotel itself also has its own restaurant.

Right next to the hotel is a shopping center.

In the city is about 10 minutes from the Hotel.


The rooms are very charming. I love this industrial charm. The windows are floor to ceiling and the rooms are bright and friendly. The beds are very comfortable and what fascinated me (you know) … the pillows. There is a large selection of different pillows. For me really very important!


The breakfast offers almost everything your heart desires. From typical specialties of breakfast to classic Turin specialties. I always think it’s nice when there’s always something local on a breakfast buffet. In this case, there were the classic, sweet specialties. But there were also sweets from southern Italy. I am very Italian and enjoy the sweetness in the morning.

The atmosphere

The hotel is very inviting. The rooms are friendly, the beds super comfortable. What I especially enjoyed drinking a drink before dinner in the cool restaurant. The hotel has tradition. Fiat comes from Turin and this is also found here in the hotel. I think that’s the way it has to be. The staff is very friendly and you get right at check in a delicious, warm cookie. Even otherwise, the staff are very helpful and accommodating.

Special PLUS: Parking at the hotel costs NO money. I think that’s a very important point. It annoys me every time I stay somewhere and pay between 20 € and 30 € additionally for parking. That’s great here. There is parking in front of the hotel.



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