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Saturday, 2 December, 2023

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As beautiful as the summer was, sometime autumn comes with bad weather and reminds us that life is not a picnic. Instead of going to the beach, we prefer to go for recreational activities that take place inside. For me theater was always very difficult in my school days. In Cuxhaven, there might have been Christmas fairy tales or Low German theater, but to see a culturally valuable piece, one had to persuade his German teacher that the course drives to an evening performance or go to the theater during the day, because unfortunately most of the time after the theater there are no trains left home.

All the more, I enjoyed moving to a city where you have a rich cultural offer. Since I lived in Göttingen for seven years and is visiting there almost every month, I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite events and venues in this city – of course, other cities follow.

Literary autumn in the heart of Germany

One of my favorite events, which unfortunately ended on October 20, is the Literature Festival “Göttinger Literaturherbst” in Göttingen, which takes place year after year and offers interesting lectures of all kinds. Whether psychological role theory, the first novel of an internationally known opera singer, the gigantic lecture of the new Frank estimation work, which is more like a concert or a very small and contemplative evening with different authors from Switzerland, while the O-phase it again very much funny, to do in the well with the Gänseliesl detergent. There are events for every price and every taste.

The theater world

For a not so big city, the selection of theater and theater groups is plentiful. Currently the new season, there is plenty of choice of pieces. Not only the three theaters are recommended. You can always go to the German Theater, the Young Theater and the Theater in the OP. There are always theater groups staging outside the three institutions. Currently it is z. For example, the theater group of Refo in the lower Klarspüle, directly on the city center.

In this I had my directorial debut in 2013, together with a second director at my side. This group staged only about every two years. So if she does a piece, you should definitely watch it. Currently they play until the 2nd of November “The Ways of the Little Prince”. It’s all about the end of the play’s play. The play is not just staging the book “The Little Prince”, but also helps to understand more about the background of the author. The version was written with elements from “Wind, Sand and Stars” and the well-known classic “The Little Prince”. Under the direction of Antonina Nagle, there is not only impressive acting, but also dance and song. The piece is suitable from 12 years and absolutely recommendable, who wants to take a look at the little prince and his rose.

The only thing that I did not do at the theater at the time is the signal boxes and lights. Although I have visited a light course, but somehow that has never worked out so well with the light with me.

One of the biggest student theaters in Europe

My first baby steps started with a mask course in this place during my studies. Since a larger part of the campus is located directly in the inner city in the old university hospital, the theater in the Op is really a former show surgery for students. This makes the stage versatile and the theater experience unique, because you rarely get as close to the actors as here. There is no game schedule here, but an en-suite game venue with 12 premieres a year.

In summer there is also a premiere less, there are semester break, but usually all months are awarded to productions. I especially like this theater that everyone can join. Of course, it’s called Student Theater. But you will find everyone there like once a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl in the mask up to stale people who do this in addition to their work as a hobby. And that does not mean that the amateur theater is worse. In every production you can feel its lifeblood. Anyone who has ever been to the theater knows this for sure.

Theater is often associated with something elitist, but in Göttingen there are plays for every taste. From 27.10. For example, the theater in the theater plays the god of slaughter, a play that would have to be known to everyone after the film adaptation with Christoph Walz.

I have enough theater at home

No, this sentence is not funny after the 10,000th time you hear this joke. But nevertheless, in my years I often heard at the theater. Mostly distribute the flyer. Because I’m not someone who just packs flyers in bicycle baskets. No, flyers are printed and should already have a second life. That’s why I like to design them as postcards, which can then be sent. In Göttingen, I first played Improtheater from the first semester. My group never did it. Nevertheless, there are enough groups in Göttingen who perform regularly. For example, the group improviser to Nikolaus in the theater in the operating room to visit.

Once on stage

If you do not really like theater, maybe Poetry Slam will tell you something. That’s how I stood on the theater stage for the first time in 2009. This was made possible by the Poetry Slam in Göttingen. At that time he was still in the theater in the OP instead, for some years, however, he is in the boys theater. At the Poetry Slam people compete against each other, who then have 7 minutes (rules vary from slam to slam) to perform their works to the audience. A special feature in Göttingen is the open list. That is, anyone can participate if they wish.

Depending on how many you want, is drawn. So, at the time, I was telling a story about a split whose point was that it was the separation of a character in an online game. Unfortunately, it was not about politics and I did not get any further, but as a freshman I was known for the next few months like a colorful dog. Not such a bad start to your studies. So I can recommend you to trust yourself, to recite your works. And if it does not: Who has never been to a poetry slam, I can only recommend it. Live it is completely different than on TV.

Life at the theater

Back in 2011, I played in two sets in a row in summer. The whole thing was a little different than planned, but you had just wanted someone for both pieces and I was just ready. Fortunately, both roles were so small that I still did not have to rehearse excessively and as one ensemble had “loaned” me to the other, they had a great understanding that I could not be on time for each rehearsal. Of course, there is always stress.

In the theater behind the stage, life is intense. Not for nothing they said: The last 4 weeks before the premiere you have no life. Well, you have a life. But your life is the theater then. The theater and nothing else. There were years when theater was my hobby and my free time was sleep. That at times I used to live only a few hundred meters from the theater was quite practical.

If you want to be on stage yourself, you do not necessarily have to play in a play. Science Spams or Poetry Spams also give you the opportunity to present your own work on stage.

Science – very different than you know it

In 2011, I accidentally slipped into my first science slam. This is not so unlike a poetry slam. I had helped after the end of a play cleaning up and cleaning the theater backstage. That’s the way to do it, to hand it clean and empty to the next ensemble. And suddenly the organizers of the science slam came and said: Stay.

Science Slam is basically the coolest lecture you can think of. Graduate students or researchers present their term paper, thesis, or research as a PowerPoint presentation or otherwise. To this day, I remember a Science Slammer researching intersex in the Bible, more specifically in the New Testament. A very interesting topic. These authors have probably looked a bit too.

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