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Festivalguide die Mode zum Event #festivalguide #festival #guide


THE FESTIVAL GUIDE, DATES and a Packing list

The festival season has already started. I listed a few festivals from Germany.
Of course, this little festival guide is far from complete. There are only excerpts of the festival in 2015 from Germany. So please do not cry when your favorite event is not listed. ?

19.06. bis 21.06.2015 Hurrican Festival, EICHENRING,
27383 Schessel
19.06 bis 21.06.2015 Southside Festival, Take-off-Gewerbepark ,78579 Neuhausen ob Eck
02.07. – 04.07.2015 Bingen Open Air Festival, 55411 Bingen am Rhein
03.07. – 05.07.2015 Summer Jam, Köln
10.07. – 18.07.2015 Rosenheimer Sommerfestival, 83022 Rosenheim
17.07. – 18.07.2015 Traffic Jam 2015, 64807 Dieburg
23.07. – 26.07.2015 Helene Beach Festival, 15326 Frankfurt-Oder
24.07. – 25.07.2015 Rock im Wald, 96247 Neuensee bei Lichtenfels
24.07. – 26.07.2015 Reggae Jam, 49593 Bersenbrück
30.07. – 01.08.2015 Wacken Festival, Wacken
30.07. – 02.08.2015 Bike & Music Weekend, 96160 Geiselwind
05.08. – 23.08.2015 Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel,Hamburg
21.08. – 23.08.2015 MS Dockville, Hamburg
23.09. – 26.09.2015 Reeperbahn Festival im wunderschönen Hamburg

But what shall I wear? What is the appropriate fashion for a festival? And is there a festival packing list?
It is particularly important at such events – it should be practical. Since we are not at the Coachella Festival in California and can assume that we will not necessarily have a constant 40 degrees and sun, we have to adapt our Festival fashion the circumstances.


Spray for disinfection

No really. Anyone who has been on the public toilets on such a festival, knows exactly what I mean. Something for your hands and some spray for surfaces. At the last festival I had to give my spray to many other girls and they were so grateful.


Festivalguide - Termine und die passende Mode zum Event

Jacke: Schott NYC

Sonnenbrille: Moschino

Tuch: Boutique aus Italien


Festivalguide Fashion

The festival fashion is relatively simple. You can wear colorful, airy fashion and can combine almost everything. From my own experience comfortable shoes are especially important. Comfortable but still sexy, of course. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not leaving the house without heels. So in my case, comfortable, sexy and with heels.

If it’s cold or raining you should wear different thinks together. I’ve basically always a hooded jacket and a scarf with me. When it rains, I just put on my hood. And if then the sun comes out, I can take off my rain-resistant jacket. If it is then suddenly particularly warm, I have a short T-shirt underneath.
In bad weather, I prefer something in like that:

I put a few Outfits together with some accessories. Take a look.


Some of my favorite outfits:

Gesamtpreis: 371,90 €


Armband und Kette von Crazy Factory:

bahia armband festivalguide




Preis: 14,90 €

This is a great outfit when it gets really hot…. Don’t need to be too colorful. Sometimes simple stuff looks also very great.

and a great bracelet

Festivalguide Mode #festivalguide#mode#2015


Preis: 7,90 €


festivalguide mode ohrringe federohrringe

Preis: 2,88 €

If the weather is good, you can wear almost everything you want! I like long dresses like this one.

Festivalguide die Mode zum Event

Festivalguide mode und Termine


My dress is what I’m wearing a vintage dress Mango, hair jewelry and bracelet are of Crazy Factory.

The thing I can’t go without to any Festival is: the Sexyhair Beach Spray. It nourishes the hair and they look after a brief spraying directly again great. Even if you don’t have time to wash your hair, it looks great and goes perfect with the hippie look.

healthy_beachspray festival guide mode packliste


Apart from the obvious things such as money, tickets, meals you should bring the following stuff to the festival:

Small first aid kit (blister plasters, normal, Fenistilcreme)

Anti mosquito spray

Sunscreen lotion, sunscreen spray

Headgear (hat, scarf, cloth)

SUNGLASSES (necessarily)

Makeup (powder, eye shadow, eyeliner)

Face cream or serum

Spray to disinfect

Rain Cape

Changing shoes


Spare clothes

Handkerchiefs (you always need)

Everything you need for personal hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, etc.)

WATER (very important)

Food (chips, candy, fruit, bread, etc.)

Plastic bag if your things get wet and you need to put them somewhere

Beach Spray for hair

Well and just everything else, what you need, when you go for two days on the road.

Enjoy the music, have fun, dance and go to the festivals.

Just enjoy your life.

Festivalguide die Mode zum Event #festivalguide #festival #guide


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