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A Flavorful Journey Through New Orleans: The Combo Cocktail & Food History Tour

New Orleans, renowned for its vibrant culture, music, and especially its unique cuisine, sets the perfect stage for a one-of-a-kind exploration – the Combo Cocktail & Food History Tour. This tour melds delectable taste experiences with fascinating insights into the city’s rich history and culture.


Red Fish Grill – A Symphony of Flavors

115 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130

The Red Fish Grill, another culinary star in New Orleans, sits proudly on the famous Bourbon Street. Part of the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group, led by a different branch of the Brennan family, it’s celebrated for its innovative seafood dishes. The Red Fish Grill has made a name for itself with its fresh ingredients and creative approaches to seafood preparation.

At the Red Fish Grill, a highlight on Bourbon Street, our culinary tour kicks off. Famous for its seafood, the restaurant offers unique dishes like alligator sausage and seafood gumbo, served with Leidenheimer French bread and homemade butter. The Cat 5 Hurricane, a robust and flavorful cocktail, completes the experience. I had never tried alligator sausage before. It kind of tasted like Cabanossi, I must say.

Pepper Palace – A Fiery Revelation

224 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Next up is Pepper Palace, a haven for fans of spicy flavors. In addition to unlimited tastings, guests can grab a bottle of Awesome Hot Sauce, capturing the true spirit of New Orleans’ love for spicy foods.

Leah’s Pralines – Sweet, Traditional, Unforgettable

714 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70130

At Leah’s Pralines, we experience the sweeter side of New Orleans. The traditional pralines and the bacon pecan brittle are not just treats; they’re ambassadors of the city’s deep culinary tradition.

Napoleon House – A Historically Delicious Treat

500 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Napoleon House, located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is a historic building and restaurant known for its rich history and distinctive ambiance. Originally built in the late 18th century, it was later named after a legend that it was intended as a refuge for Napoleon Bonaparte following his exile. The restaurant is famed for its classic New Orleans cuisine, especially the Muffuletta sandwich and the Pimm’s Cup cocktail.

Napoleon House enchants not just with its historical ties to Napoleon Bonaparte but also with its authentic dishes. The Muffuletta and the chicken & sausage jambalaya are perfectly complemented by the classic Pimm’s Cup.

Dickie Brennan’s Tableau – Elegance and Flavor

616 St. Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Dickie Brennan’s Tableau, nestled in the picturesque French Quarter, epitomizes the hospitality and culinary excellence the Brennan family is known for in New Orleans. As part of the Brennan Restaurant Group, a dynasty that has significantly shaped the city’s culinary scene, Tableau represents a blend of tradition and innovation.

The Brennan family, to which Tableau belongs, is an institution in New Orleans. For decades, they have been shaping the city’s culinary landscape. Their restaurants are not just places to eat but cultural hubs that express the history, music, and soul of New Orleans in every dish and glass.

At Dickie Brennan’s Tableau, a perfect mix of tradition and modernity awaits.

During the Combo Cocktail & Food History Tour, Tableau serves the French 75 – a cocktail that embodies elegance and history. This classic drink, originally made with gin and champagne, captures the spirit of the old world and perfectly suits the Tableau’s ambiance. It’s more than just a drink; it’s a homage to the era of jazz bars and New Orleans’ sophisticated nightlife.


Cane & Table – A Touch of Exotic

1113 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

To conclude, our tour takes us to Cane & Table, where exotic flavors like plantains and curry pork skins meet classic cocktails like the Daiquiri. This venue embodies the diverse cultural influences that shape New Orleans’ cuisine. Cane & Table impresses not just with its culinary creations but also with its ambiance, a unique blend of colonial elegance and relaxed Creole ease. Here, guests experience the perfect finale of the tour – with flavors and atmosphere that capture the soul of New Orleans and leave a lasting impression.

More Than Just Food and Drink

What makes this tour special are the stories and anecdotes our guide Nate shares about each dish and location. He weaves culinary delights with vivid tales of New Orleans’ rich history and culture. These stories enrich the experience and cast every dish in an even better light.


The Combo Cocktail & Food History Tour is a journey through time, taste, and culture. Each stop on this tour offers not just unique culinary experiences but also a deep insight into the heart and soul of New Orleans. It’s an unforgettable tour for anyone wanting to experience the true essence of this fascinating city. Personally, I LOVE food tours because they take you on a journey through different cultures in a short amount of time, satisfying not just the palate but also the heart. A real and true – gourmet journey.



This delightful food tour was part of a press trip, organized and facilitated by Visit New Orleans, offering an insider’s look at the city’s rich culinary landscape.