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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Some people today have a bucket list about traveling and there are many names, but certainly not Hildesheim. That’s a pity, because of course, Bali, the Maldives and pearls like Ascona in Ticino are beautiful places. But on the other hand Hildesheim is only a short drive from Hannover by train. Anyone who is not so good with Hanover and is there for a trade fair or other appointments can take advantage of the day and visit Hildesheim instead.

One does not trust Hildesheim at all, but here in this city there are numerous historical buildings. Some cities are visited because they have a leaning tower or another landmark. But you visit this city because it is in itself a total work of art. Every street, every house in the historic old town is unique and beautiful, but overall they make a small work of art. Whether as a day trip or multi-day trip with various destinations, whether walking on the Wall or bike tour in the surrounding area. Who does not know Hildesheim, should read this blog post attentively.

Who knows the Harz and the cities in and around the Harz, will be familiar with this type of half-timbered style. I am from Cuxhaven and these cities, whether on the Rhine, on the Saar or here near the leash, attract me magically. I find that each city has its own style. Einbeck has a very richly carved framework, Hildesheim is very colorful and often reminds me of English cities in the half-timbered version. And Hann- Münden feels completely like the backdrop of a medieval film, as everything in this city is kept very classic and old-fashioned.

When visiting Hildesheim is the best thing that all attractions are close to each other, at least in the historic old town. One of my favorite buildings in town is the Kehrwiederturm. This is the last surviving of 4 goals.

Half-timbered houses and old charm

When I made a survey in my circle of friends, as many have already visited Hildesheim, I was quite surprised. I had expected much more, since I came from the Lower Saxony area, but no, Hildesheim is more or less a small, secret pearl. Hildesheim is not an artist village or a vibrant party city. It is rather the fact that Hildesheim is simply a beauty for the eye with many historic buildings. In the process, this city, like many others in World War II, was heavily destroyed and then rebuilt.

Of course, there is not only generally famous framework, but also certain buildings, which are particularly regarded as an attraction. These include the Knochenhaueramtshaus am Marktplatz, which originally dates from the 16th century and today houses a museum. The Kehrwiederturm is also a building that exudes its charm. This tower directly in the city center is the last surviving of originally four towers that once shaped the cityscape.

Small but fine is the cloister of the church of St. Mauritius in the quarter Moritzberg. Unlike most other churches in the city, you usually have this church all to yourself.

Many, many churches

You may not trust Hildesheim, but those who are interested in churches in addition to half-timbered romance, which are also impressive in Einbeck and Hann Münden, are in the right place in this city. Even my mother has already gone to Hildesheim with her communion lessons because of all her churches in the Diocese of Hildesheim. In addition to the famous cathedral with its 1000-year-old rose bushes, which unfortunately I was never able to experience in full bloom and other churches in the city center such as St. Michael and St. Andrew, I especially liked the rather quiet St. Mauritius, which is a little quieter is located. In this cloister one is often alone. Only rarely do larger groups of tourists get lost and that’s something I really appreciate and love about Hildesheim. This city is not too big and not too small and with every visit there is something new to discover.

A bit further outside and maybe therefore ideal for a little trip is the monastery Marienrode. The manageable terrain has already fascinated me in its own right. Alone for all churches and monasteries one should therefore plan one to two days, which could not be more different. Also not to be ignored is the Basilica of St. Godehard. And of course s are not only the churches that make strolling through Hildesheim so enjoyable, but also the half – timbered ambience and the old charm of the city with its narrow streets, which look so completely different to the cities in which I live near the North Sea grew up and where I know half timbered at most of old farms in the Old Country.

The Black Apron is one of the few rituals for my visits to Hildesheim. Their cold brew is pretty tasty, but most of all, it has done me the golden milk. Now, especially during the cold period, I can not say no to a Golden Milk and I like the recipe so much that we always do it at home exactly according to this recipe.

A detox from digital life

The fact that I am in Hildesheim every few weeks now and then, you usually realize that I am strikingly offline. I do not have to go to the Ashram for my Digital Detox, it’s enough Hildesheim. That’s why I often leave my camera and smartphone at home just to be in the moment and not having to worry about Instagram activity or checking my emails all the time. If it has to be, that I need internet, I recommend you the Black Apron. From my preferred accommodation I walk for about half an hour and enjoy mostly a golden milk, which tastes particularly good there. And you do not necessarily have to use the WLAN there – but then in this cafe, one or the other blog post for this blog was created.

Hildesheim is located in a valley on the northern edge of the Harz. Therefore, you will find around the city beautiful lookouts, which can best be seen in the form of a bike ride.

A paradise for cyclists

Hildesheim is located in a valley and on the edge of the Harz. This makes this place also ideal as a starting point for excursions in the whole south of Lower Saxony. From Google is often recommended as a trip, the castle Matienburg. Unfortunately, I can only recommend this as a stopover, since the tours are far from being as good as they used to be and you can not even take pictures according to the house rules of this place, which on the one hand seems a bit old-fashioned to me. For example, places of interest in England are the best places to photograph and on the other hand you can not see much of the building. Therefore, I recommend that you can use the castle near Nordstemmen as a stopover on a longer bike ride before continuing.

Unfortunately, tours through the castle Marienburg are only partially worthwhile, because today you can only see a fraction of the former premises and meanwhile no one is allowed to photograph there according to the house right. I recommend to just take a rest there, because I personally find the castle from the outside most beautiful.

In the courtyard of Schloss Marienburg there is a kiosk and a restaurant. The coffee at the kiosk did not appeal to me at the time. If in doubt, I would advise to cold drinks or even stock up with provisions.

On the other hand, a tour in the direction of Harz or through the Leinetat is worthwhile. Even a tour with beautiful views around Hildesheim is a comfortable route. If you want to have a bit more action on your bike then you will find a bike and outdoor park in Bad Salzdetfurth where you can have lots of fun and improve your technique for the next alpine mountain bike tour. Another easily accessible destination by bike and at the same time a beautiful photo opportunity would be the windmill power plant. And of course Hildesheim, like many other cities, has a Bismarck tower, which is considered a tourist attraction.

Even within the city you can make larger tours and follow, for example, the Rosenweg. The Wall also invites you for a walk. From here you also have a good view of the St. Godehardkirche.

Hiking and wild gate

If you are not able to ride your bike, you can also reach numerous excursion destinations comfortably by car or even on foot. A good goal here is z. B. the forest gate located at the forest. Also worth seeing is the Magdalenengarten in Hildesheim. Year after year, the Magdalenenfest takes place in this baroque garden. Those who unfortunately get bad weather, which has never been the case with us, can visit numerous museums. I can recommend it z. For example, the Roemer and Pelizaeus museums, where you can admire numerous artefacts of antiquity and the Egyptian Empire at close range. And if you just want to stay close to the city, you can simply stroll along the Wall.

Right by the nature

It does not always have to be heath, watt or beach. This alone shows how versatile Niedersachsen is in landscapes. Around Hildesheim there are numerous lakes and nature reserves, all of which are worth a visit for those who like this kind of holiday. Especially at Sarstedt, Nordstemmen and patents there are numerous small and picturesque lakes. And next to Marienburg Castle, there is also another castle here or rather a castle ruin, Calenberg Castle. I must confess that she is not as beautiful as my favorite of all time near Göttingen, the castle Plesse, which had visited Goethe once before. but Calenberg Castle exudes an almost enchanted charm, especially in spring and summer, which is unique and just as different as I know it from other castle ruins in Lower Saxony and Germany.

A lack of hotels and accommodations can not be found in this city. However, I recommend to look at the interior and the rooms of the hotel, as many a hotel in this city but rather in the style of the 90s or even older. Here you should be well informed in advance, so that the personal taste is also met. For people who want to visit a fair in Hanover, my personal insider tip is to book a lodging in Hildesheim and to commute, here you get also in the time of the fairs many stars at a reasonable price and the way to Hanover is not far by car or train.

Travel and accommodation

The journey is very easy, because both by train and by car you can easily reach Hildesheim. And hotels and accommodations can be found in Hildesheim in every price segment, but the city has been used to tourism and travelers for many decades. My personal favorite is the Van der Valk Hotel, which are both very different and have a great design. The Van der Falk Hotel right on the market square takes you back to a different era when it comes to the restaurant. This is an exciting contrast to the modern rooms. But there are also many other hotels in every price range – so there is something for everyone.

With a lodging I would pay attention that one depends very much on what kind of vacation one would like to do. Those who only want to explore the city center can best stay there. Those who prefer to invent the surrounding area, for those parts of the city like Moritzberg are a good starting point. And those arriving by train should note that they will probably need a taxi to get to the hotel from the train station.

Since the climate in the valley, in which Hildesheim is located, is very mild, there is actually no time that I absolutely want to favor a visit to the city. Ask yourself when you would most like to travel to this city.

The best time for Hildesheim

In fact, I think it’s most beautiful when the roses are blooming in Hildesheim. But that was also the case with our last visit in early October. That was probably because we are currently in a very mild autumn. And since until recently there was no frost, the roses just continue to bloom. If you only want to visit Hildesheim as a city, you should really go for the roses. These adorn not only the cathedral, but also numerous houses in the city. Anyone who wants to travel in the countryside, I can actually recommend every season, which is reasonably green and pleasant from the weather. I like. For example, the surrounding area is best in Indian Summer colors as current. But the Advent season in Hildesheim also has its charm.

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