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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Right now is a difficult time for everyone and I want to use this year to introduce you to some of the people I’ve worked with over the past two years. They just do a great job that is well worth the money. I think finding a photographer who does a really nice job and really brings you to your best performance from the camera is a difficult thing. It’s a bit like going to the doctor, dentist or hairdresser. A shoot is a very intimate thing. You want to give your money to someone where you know that you like the aesthetics of the photos and, above all, that you like yourself in these pictures. The worst thing would be if you ended up standing there crying because the pictures are crap. I gained a lot of experience through the theater and also before and after in the TFP area. So today I’m going to introduce you to three great photographers that I will always enjoy working with and a number of photography flops that I have made in recent years.

The bad sides of TfP shootings

Let’s get to the bad parts of photography first. That is the big problem today. You can get a photographer to do this in their spare time and take great photos on a super professional level. They often just started it and their job is completely different. On the other hand, I’ve already had the experience that people have learned photography during their studies or training and still the pictures don’t look better than those of my father with 2 per thousand at Aunt Angie’s silver wedding anniversary. Also, to be honest: Photographers are only human and can sometimes come across as pretty arrogant. Accordingly, I am always very careful when choosing my photographers.

The portfolio can lie

For example, I’ve also found that a portfolio can sometimes lie. About three years ago I had a TFP shoot with someone who was really excited about me. I then traveled to the university at my own expense, it was the fiercest winter storm, 1 day that I couldn’t work and where nothing else worked for me. A set was set up there and somehow I was very surprised by how haphazard the photographer was. Unfortunately, I was able to use next to no photo and I think she was very disappointed. But I also thought it was a bit wrong that it was transparent to me. Because the photos in the portfolio were not taken of their own accord, but rather as part of their lessons under the guidance of a lecturer. She was told all the settings or the light setting was made in the plenary. In the end it probably failed because of the light, because it was a black background and black top. After editing it, it somehow looked like my head was floating in the air. A lot of the photos were completely noisy and looked like I had taken it with a cell phone in 2009. My husband is not the best photographer in the world to this day, but I don’t need photos that are below the level of my husband with our Canon 700 D with prime lens. Because, of course, a photographer gives his working time for free on such a shoot, but I also give my working time and the journey.

Even supposed professionals can greatly disappoint you

Another bad shooting experience was even a paid shoot. But one thing I found through Groupon. I would say: once and never again. Because I have a feeling that Groupon photographers aren’t exactly the best photographers. We drove to Hamburg especially for this and I was extremely confused because we then entered a bridal shop. The makeup was all right, but the shoot was a very uncomfortable situation. I had the feeling the photographer knew the poses and wanted to work them off bluntly. These typical photos were then taken, like funny family photos. It had nothing to do with my wish. I wanted fashion photos. I had formulated this in advance in an e-mail and of course I was very disappointed that I had taken these “look through the picture frame photos”. Even worse and more unpleasant was that this photographer offered me to advertise him to people who would then receive a discount. I still find it difficult to this day. He also wanted to send us a CD with the files by post, which I haven’t received until today. That was 4 years ago.

Images are published without consent

Not only once but several times have I seen that you give up control over your pictures to a certain extent. There are definitely very good examples. For example, I get a picture gallery and I can say: I definitely don’t want these pictures and depending on the contract it says: No more than 25% or 50% of the photos may be thrown out and then you simply choose favorites and agree which photos can be published. But I have seen time and again that photos of me were published without my knowledge or with a retouch of the mark “a soft focus exploded on me” and that is simply unbelievably wrong. Also photos in unfavorable poses that not even my father would take with 2 per thousand at Aunt Angie Silberhochzeit … These stories are numerous and I am a little speechless. As a result, I am now convinced that I prefer to pay for shoots and thus have control over what I do with my photos.

The advantage of shootings that I pay for

I have to say: now I would rather spend a few 100 € on a few photos than shoot people for free at any cost. I would of course be very happy if one of my favorites would do TFP with me, but of course that has to fit. You should understand each other and, even as a TFP model, be ready not only to look at yourself in the city, but also to meet somewhere in the middle or at a special location to do a shoot there. Maybe you spend a little weekend somewhere. I also did the same with two out of three photographers, that I combined it with a trip or vacation because they don’t live right around the corner. None of you should underestimate the freedom of paid shoots. In a certain way, there is time pressure for the photographer so that it doesn’t take six weeks or six months until you finally get the edited photos or a selection. Usually the photos are there within a few weeks and you have super edited photos. Above all, it is easier to say again: I would like to have a little less retouching, please.

You can use the photos however you want

This is something not to be underestimated. That’s why I’m very sad that many companies don’t see what potential it has if they not only give out money for a blogger cooperation, but also provide financial resources. With that I can book one of these three great photographers for a cooperation. Because honestly. Jonah takes good photos, but these three ladies take better photos. Photos that really blow you away. That’s an advertising effect on a completely different level. That’s why dear companies: There are three photographers who are definitely in the mood, if you feel like it, to make a great cooperation with great photos that blow everyone away.
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