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Saturday, 2 December, 2023

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A very daring quote from yoga teacher Sanjay Vyas. But, he lives by that motto and that’s what makes his yoga lesson.


Yoga has become a trend that can be found in almost all holiday areas, on the spot and travel destinations. Many people are dedicated to “sports” yoga. Sport because it is often declared the same way.

It is said that the Indian sage invented Pataniali Yoga over 3000 years ago. He has put together a kind of collection / guide. 195 philosophical statements. He dealt with the eight limbs of man to refine his own and that of the outside world.

Today, many yoga for the reason, the body to cleanse and partially physical strength and endurance should offer. Sometimes, yoga also interweaves other philosophies, such as Hinduism or Buddhism. However, to practice yoga you do not have to deal with any of these two.

Om ….

Anyone who has ever taken part in a yoga class, the word “Om” will certainly have heard. Traditional at the beginning and at the end.

Why is this om good at all?

The ancient yogis encountered the vibrations of the earth with their own sound – the Om. A sound that reflects in the sounds of the environment. When you sing the sound of Om, our consciousness, the physical energy and our breath are brought into harmony with the vibrations of the universe.


As a beginner at Sanjay Vyas

During my vacation at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm I had the opportunity to meet the Yoga Master Sanjay and to be allowed to join one of his lessons. This man fascinated by the first second. A calm and serenity almost radiates out of him. I had already tried some yoga exercises in the Maldives. Also one or the other time seen on TV. There were always different positions.

I often hear from friends who practice yoga regularly, that they are pretty athletic to their limits. When I heard from him that yoga is not a sport, I was surprised.

We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. We form the world with our thoughts.


We actually started with an om.

The exercises were exhausting, but rather a mix of proper breathing and stretching. One had the feeling of getting to know the body a little better. It was not as I knew it from the classic fitness practice sessions that the exercises were uncomfortable. Already demanding, but pleasant to perform. Also for beginners.

grandhotel heiligendamm yoga

If yoga is not a sport …

I wonder what’s going on at the moment as yoga. For Sanjay, there are no other types of yoga than what he has been doing since he was at school. A connection between head, mind and body. It’s in the blood. Since he was a little kid, yoga is part of his life.
It is a spirituality. A way to reconcile your body and mind.
He is from India. His family sent him as an infant to an ashram. For generations, the teachings of yoga have been “passed on” in his family. In them, the material does not matter, but the inner peace.
It’s about the feeling and that’s exactly what he wants to convey. He has completed extensive training in India to teach a holistic relationship.

Not outside, one should seek peace only in oneself. He who has found the inner silence, reaches for nothing, and he rejects nothing.

Yoga is …

Trust and love. Become one with the body, the mind and the soul. Exercises, sports, physical fitness are not part of the classical yoga teachings.
It’s about letting go. Letting go of ego, negative energy, greed and envy.


Why in Heiligendamm?

Sanjay Vyas emigrated from India to settle in Heiligendamm. Since he left, he lives on the Baltic Sea and teaches his yoga culture in the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm. For him, the connection between forest and sea in this charming place is inspiration. This place, this hotel radiates peace and natural nature. Fresh air, no stress, more prana. In other cities, it would be too materialistic for him. Here in this place he feels grounded with his culture and his spirit.

In his courses he tries to convey that to the people. Relax the mind and the body. Get rid of the stress of the big cities and the bad thoughts. To bring everything in harmony and harmony.


Sanjay is a person who not only radiates peace and unity with body, mind and soul. Through his teaching, he conveys insights into a calm, relaxed togetherness. Of course, one day, one weekend is not enough to refer to his teachings during everyday life. But the more you visit and participate in your courses, the more you think about and internalize



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