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Yes, there were times when you simply posted a coffee or a shopping cart or even your feed on the app Instagram. Just a snapshot, maybe a filter on it and done is the post. For years, however, it has been the case that the feed of influencers and hobbyists becomes more professional and visually high-quality than a fashion magazine. Of course, sometimes Instagram is still unaffected and authentic. But if you want a high-quality look for your feed or InstaStory, you’ll find the best apps for it in this blog post.

Since I’m always asked for apps on Instagram, I’ve decided to put together in this blog post a Best Of my favorite apps. And if you want my favorite photo techniques, just click on this blogpost.

Pictures taken again in landscape mode? Apps like Canva or Shoal make it a fancy picture collage for your Instastory.

Untide – Magazine optics for your Instastory

I have discovered shoals in that more and more stories have just shown incredible beautiful collages. United was a secret tip in April and May but now even big business instagram accounts like asos use this app to show pics in their Instastory. Beneath the magazine style there is a new layout in polaroid style for 1,99 Euro.

available for Android and iOS

Preview – plan Instagram

Some have a private second account to plan their Instagramfeed. That does not have to be! Are you are traveling a lot? So you maybe want to watch your planed feed for instagram offline which pictures you will publish next. This ist perfect for times like your vacations when you don’t want to spend much time in your insta feed and enjoy the analogue life. But it’s also very useful when you’ve got more then one person to manage an instagram account for a blog or a project or a brand. With a preview app everybody knows what’s up next. I also don’t like some of my friends who upload pics and delete them once or twice and I’ve got the notifications from Instagram and when I click, the pictures are already deleted, because somewhere in the caption was a spelling mistake. This is so annoying!

And if one plans his pictures in advance and saves the texts via the app, that is not necessary. I find that very convenient and it does not mean that you can not spontaneously post photos when something interesting suddenly comes across one’s way. For example, I was in Hamburg for an Insta Walk in such a cool interior location that I threw all my upload plans overboard and made a one-week interior special on Instagram. Stay flexible. Your planned feed will not run away! But when it gets stressful and all else fails, you have a great tool at hand that will save you a lot of time and effort and conjure up a nice and consistent feed.

available for Android and iOS

Instagram is actually known for being a bit rough and not as perfect and smoothly sanded as fashion fashions in fashion magazines. But the times have changed. Fulltime Travel Influencers like Sorelleamore show that just by editing you can get the last bit out of the pictures through photo editing.

Canva – high-quality templates for all platforms

If the clean look of shallows is too boring, or if there are pictures with inspiring quotes, here at Canova you will find a wealth of templates like no other app. Colors, writing, everything can be edited and changed.  Of course, some of the templates cost a little money. So I conjured a mediakit for a friend in record time of 10 minutes. But I think it’s worth it. Because with little time you can create really good layouts that can not be found on every corner as in the already mentioned Instastory Design App Unfold.

available for Android and iOS

FaceTune – not just for the face

I’ve downloaded and bought FaceTune because not only can it make faces. It also has very useful features for bloggers and Instagram users. This includes, for example, blurring or obscuring the background when an uninvited guest sometimes enters the picture. What I also like is not the blurring, but the sharpening of certain parts of the face. And the light filters can be seen to get the best out of the picture. Therefore, I can only recommend the 3.99 euro investment to everyone.

available for Android and iOS

YouCam Perfect – against dark circles and other blemishes

YouCam Perfect is no longer an insider tip, because it can remove dark circles like no other app. My husband is the lord of the under eye dark rings, so this app is essential. And you, we all have bad skin days or look tired. Also, if FaceTune has become a synonym for retouching on the phone, this app is the number one of many that I know. For any of you who would like to get the most out of your selfies, this app is required. Alternatively, for iOS, VisageLab also does not support YoucamPerfect. And you shouldn’t underrate the “normal” functions of this app – sometimes they are also really helpful.

available for Android and iOS

With apps like PicsArt or Photoshop Express you have the possibility to edit your pictures perfectly anytime, anywhere. Be it for the Instastory, the Blog or the Feed. It’s not only putting some sepia filter on your pics ’cause this is so 2007 deviant stuff. No, PicsArt can make your shots into stunning artworks.

PicsArt – the all-rounder for the smartphone

Have you ever used to Photoshop or GIMP and do you love this apps and to create stunning shots with a lot of time and love? Then I can only recommend PicsArt because it’s a great app for people who loves to play with pictures. Of course you can exaggerate it with all the sepia and comic effects, but to conjure just as beautiful pictures and give them the finishing touch with the individual tools. And just as well can be for the Youtuber among you create beautiful thumbnails or other graphics and decorate with stickers or other elements. Once you find your way around the app, you can let your creativity run wild. If you are creative with shots and so on this is the perfect app for you.

available for Android

Capture great sunrises like this one in Sweden … Do you want to use the golden and blue hour for your travel photos? Then PhotoPills is the right app for you.

PhotoPills – the travel blogger app

Now comes a slightly more specific app which is perfect for globetrotters and travel dudes. But just the Travelblogger among you should know them. If you are a digital normal or travel photographer and you don’t know this app, I can just say: Shame on you. Although Photopille costs almost a whopping 10 Euros in German app stores, it worths the money. You can always find out where you can make the best and most breathtaking travel shots at the golden hour. The app is very helpful and stunning ’cause it works everywhere. No matter whether your mobile internet is good or not.

available for Android and iOS

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