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Monday, 2 October, 2023

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Surely you also know many who spend tons of money for Korean Beauty and the latest beauty trends from Asia, but have you ever thought of rice water? Yes, exactly, rice water, the water left over from creeps. Actually, we just dump this water after cooking in the sink, but it should be one of the best-kept beauty secrets in Japan and other Asian countries. And the best: Cheaper it hardly. I have tested this curious beauty DIY for hair and skin for you.

Many of us know rice and other spices, cereals or legumes only from the kitchen – but it is worthwhile to try them out for the Homespa.

the initial situation

The truth is: I too will not get any younger and now have all skin types through. For about a year, my skin has become really dry and needs tons of moisture. Alcohol as an ingredient does not tolerate my skin, so unfortunately many serums fall away. But too high-fat creams and oils do not work well, since I tend to Milien. So a tricky situation. I need as much as possible something natural, moisturizing, but that does not stain the skin.

My hair is healthy in itself – at least the part of the hair with my natural hair color. But there was this little accident at the end of 2016 with a hairdresser, who has bleached my hair, because unfortunately she was completely incompetent. Since then, this part of my hair is very, very intensive care and need a hair cure at least once a week.

160/5000 The practical thing about producing rice water is that there are no waste products. You can eat the rice you use to make it.

The preparation of rice water

We all know how to cook rice – and thus there are two ways to make rice water: Either you cook your rice as usual and then scoop up the remaining water, or soak half a cup of rice in cold water for one night and simmer on it The next day the rice – which you can then still use for cooking.

I opted for the variant with cold water. Now it is crucial what you want to use the rice water for. If you want to use it for the face, then you already have your ready-made tonic. You can transfer this to a bottle or nebulizer. It is important that you store it in the refrigerator. Since the natural product contains no preservatives, it lasts only about a week.

Who wants to make a hair conditioner from the rice water, it should put 1-2 days in the sun. For me, it only took a day in the sunshine. It can be seen that the rice water is so far on the slightly sour smell. For the hair one uses a slightly fermented variant of the rice water.

In this country, Korean beauty and generally Asian beauty products has been a trend for years, which is an essential part of skincare. Therefore, it is also worthwhile to test next to expensive cloth masks sometimes DIY recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Rice water as facial tonic

I was very skeptical when I started this self-experiment. And that, although I actually use natural ingredients on the face as well. My favorite face water is a mixture of rose water and lavender infusion. My skin does not tolerate many things and with this product I have been riding well for 10 years.

However, it was very pleasant to feel a light smell of rice when I opened my glass with the tonic. The liquid is slightly milky, has a disbelievingly pleasant smell and the liquid fresh from the fridge is very pleasant on the skin. At the same time refreshing, but also very nourishing for the skin. After about two weeks of regular use, I slowly got the hang of how much rice-soaking I need for a week and my husband also uses the neat tonic. For me it is really well suited, my skin is velvety soft without skin irritation.

While my skin is simply just fuller and moistened, my husband has also improved the appearance of the skin and the pores are smaller – maybe this cheap Tonwasser is therefore something for the masters of creation. So my conclusion is that with dry skin, the tonic helps well, with impure skin it helps even better.

Anyone who is sensitive to odor, can make his hair conditioner from fermented rice water a little more fragrant even with a drop of lavender. In my skin care routine, lavender has always played a big role since my youth.

Rice water for the hair

As a hair conditioner, the rice water was frankly even more unfamiliar than for facial care. I recommend that you add some of the fragrance oil of your choice to the rather sour-smelling liquid of your nose. With me a drop of lavender was enough, that is also very pleasant before going to bed.

The application is quite simple in itself. For the sake of handling, I transferred the fermented rice water into a shampoo bottle and, after washing, distributed it in my lengths and left it to act for a few minutes after washing. Thereafter, the rinse is washed out.

Unlike the tonic, I did not feel any change in my hair here. Not even after several weeks. I’ll stay tuned anyway and maybe my hair will get more supple and shiny than usual.


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