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Saturday, 25 May, 2024

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Tina Folsom Interview

In our interview, Tina Folsom answered some questions and tells us more about her sex scenes, its cooperation with other great writers such as Lara Adrian and reveals some interesting details of her daily work …

Tina Folsom’s New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. She has led the way, since (almost) at the beginning it is Selfpublisherin and this more than just successful. Scanguards Vampires have let many hearts beat even higher and make it even. But even in their series “Club of the eternal bachelor” (without Vampires) the sympathetic heroes conquers our hearts.

Her writing style is peppered with Sex, exciting, entertaining, romantic, erotic and never cheap.

How did it come to your writing career?

Although I wrote my first novel with 13 years, I then stopped writing for a long time. 2001 I made in Los Angeles at UCLA a one-year course in screenwriting. That brought me back to writing again and it has then lasted until the fall of 2008, until I finally found the right Genre: romance novels. Since then I have started to write again in the shadow of the whole crazy after Twilight and vampires.

What was your first book?

Lawful Escort

How many books do you have before you publish it in your drawer?

When I started to self-publish, I had 3 short stories and three books finished writing.

In which of your protagonists or antagonists have you fallen directly in love and why?

Although I love all my vampires, Amaury will always have a special place in my heart. He’s just this big bear who does outward as if it could harm nothing, but the inside is a total softie. For his Nina he would go to hell and back. When I wrote the book, he was transformed from a man who was sleeping with anything that wore a skirt to a man who only wanted a woman. He is making it Nina also not easy, and even today, the two argue over again, because they are both strong characters. But the reconciliations are spectacular. Yes, that’s my Amaury.


Tina Folsom Bücher

Could you tell how did the collaboration with Lara Adrian?

The Lara and I met each other in the first LLC in Spandau. As we sat at the time the author eating together, we started talking. Lara already had read my Scanguards Vampires, and I was a huge fan of her Midnight Breed series. Our friendship started there, and we have then often communicated by email or by phone. Occasionally we saw us on other conferences and eventually told Lara said we should write something together. And then our Phoenix Series Code has been developed. I think we complement each other wonderfully and whenever we talk over Skype or in person, we find more things out that we have in common.

Vampire and Co …What do you think? Will it continue for some time or is there already a new trend?

All trends come in cycles, so a couple of years they are up, then down, and then they come back. At the moment, the vampires are below. I think they come up again in about 2 years, and I’ll be ready for it.

What do you think of Twilight?

I read Twilight on a trip home to Germany and although I was not impressed by the writing style (and me the sex was missing!), But I can understand that it has arrived as well. The series has hit a nerve among the younger generation.

Germany / USA where are thrown most obstacles in the way?

I would say Germany. In the US everything is more relaxed and you have more options, even if you do not fit into any box. But I see that this has changed in Germany even a bit.

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Erotic scenes. Will you ever sometimes blush writing it?

These are the scenes that I write the most and I love them. So no, I’m not going to blush.

Which of your books would you like to see on TV and what actor?

Scanguards Vampire – the whole series. When it comes to actors, I don’t know. I rarely go to the cinema. But I have to have Jason Mamoa as Amaury.

How long does it take to write a book?

That depends on the length and plot. A shorter contemporary book (about 200 pages) I write often in 6 weeks. For a Scanguards book, which is about 300 pages long and has a more complicated plot I need about 2 – 3 months for the first draft.

Has one of your characters sometimes taken completely while writing a different turn?

No, I plot in great details.

What things do you need when you write a book – apart from the computer?

Paper and pen, because I plot by hand – so I write scene maps. And a large thermos of tea. 😉

(c) Tina Folsom

(c) Tina Folsom

What is your next project?

I’m working on a new contemporary series for the German market: Summer on Catalina. Then I write again a scan Guards book.

Advice to aspiring writers …

Discipline and hard work pay off. But you must also be flexible, especially in today’s market. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.


(c) Tina Folsom

(c) Tina Folsom





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