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Saturday, 2 December, 2023

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Travel tips Rome (Italy) and why I fall in love…

Rome is not only famous for its landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, or or or.

In Rome classic movie were filmed as of Federico Fellini, La Dolce Vita. or Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn. Of course, movies like Gladiator, Ben Hur or Spartacus was filmed on location. But not only the directors and the actors love Rome. Because this city combines the new with the old so wonderful that you feel always in a good mood.


Can you fall in love with voices? Yes, you can. Because I did. I felt in love with the voice of this street musician. Well, he also looked quite good. But his voice was awesome. I could have been the hole day there listening to his music and starring at him, but unfortunately I had to go. I had no opportunity to tell him what a wonderful voice he had. If anyone sees him in Rome, please send him some greetings and kisses from me.

Despite the tourists, the uncommonly many tourists, it can be excellent to spend the holiday in Rome.

I was this time only two days there. But I was previously many times in Rome. Two days are not so much but better than nothing.

First of all you should have a place in town. Because in two days you should not spend so much time in the traffic.

Hotel Tip:

The hotel Fiume. A four-star hotel located in Piazza Fiume. It is modern, open and friendly. In all rooms there have a coffee / tea making facilities, a refrigerator and other typical amenities.

Rom Reisetipps

Hotel Fiume

Hotel Fiume

Hotel Fiume

Hotel Fiume

Hotel Fiume

All the accessories at the hotel were really cool. The great chair, candlesticks and decorative in general.
The breakfast could not be described as Italian, because there was almost everything your heart desired. Quite unusual for Italy. Fresh watermelon, Nutella croissant, eggs in different variations, typical Italian brioche, various cakes and tarts and of course meats.


Hotel Fiume Rom

Hotel Fiume Rom

Hotel Fiume Rom

Hotel Fiume Rom


Around the hotel there are many bars and restaurants where you can stop off at night or during the day. By taxi it is only 5 minutes to the major sights such as the Spanish Steps. A taxi costs around € 8. One can also go by foot. But at 40 degrees in the shade I really couldn’t.

Of particular note:

The staff. The staff was incredible. So attentive !! The staff is immediately there to help. The reception was extremely friendly. I needed milk for my coffee in the room. When I went to the front desk, I was told I would not need to come down separately. Within minutes I had biscuits and fresh milk. Perfectly.

You can book you the hotel at JT Touristik like the Hotel Naples in Naploli.

The city

Aside from the typical sights, which can be found in any travel guide, I recommend the Campo dei Fiori. A magical little piazza. Morning and evening is the best time. During the morning you will find a market place and in the evening when all the little lights are lit on the tables and the balconies, this little spot is quite enchanting.

piazza fiore

Campo de’ Fiori

kleine Gasse kleine Kirche



Of course, the Via del Corso can not be missing. There is everything from small boutiques to the traditional chains such as Zara, H & M or Mango.  All the best to reach by foot.

Outlet shopping can be found just outside the town. The Castel Romano Designer Outlet is a paradise for bargain hunters. Only about 20 minutes away from the city. There are buses or you can use your own car.

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Things to do – Roma Pass

With the Roma Pass, there is free admission to two museums and many discounts for 3 days. The price is 36 €. Be sure to visit the expensive museums first, so that it is also worthwhile. What exactly is reduced, can be found here.

The best coffee in town

Caffè Sant’Eustachio is a traditional Caffè near the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. The old coffee roaster / Caffè was founded in 1938th Let yourself be carried away easily from the environment and enjoy a tasty coffee specialty.


A walk on

Lungotevere. Below the road there is a nice track to go for cycling or walking. Directly on the Water (Tevere / Tiber) along. Lungo il tevere means translated, along the Tiber. It’s really amazing what you can see and admire below the city walls. In my opinion this is too little maintained. The route could be much nicer if it would be more cherished. Take a look before you go there because often you can find small celebrations or other events taking place there. Especially in the evening it is very romantic ….






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