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Saturday, 2 December, 2023

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Sometimes it is a bit strange what is going on in children’s minds on Mother’s Day. I used to do handicrafts, paint pictures and pick flowers. But it works differently. Not only did a classmate complain in the second grade, that Mom did not want to get up so early to get her breakfast, which he then wanted to bring to bed. Another friend from childhood days meant it better with the Mother’s Day breakfast. But as the pattern in the butter with the fork was too cumbersome for him, he instead took dad’s comb. For children it always means: The gesture counts. But can we convince our mothers with a self-painted picture? Rather not. So how to find an original gift?

Always flowers? What want mothers for mothers day?

No shopping guide or product placement

No, this blog post is not about any products or stuff you can give to your mother. Flowers, chocolates or perfume, anyone can. But what do the mothers want? My mother is still on vacation and will be back in the country on Mother’s Day. She said: No, please do not visit, let’s postpone Mother’s Day. And the mothers in my circle of friends as well as my mother all wish the same thing more or less …

Time together

Instead of just sending a bunch of flowers or getting a good book, every mother is happy about having a little relaxed time with the kids. In particular, when you move out, you do not see yourself so often and the parents to visit or to meet at family parties always nice. But if Mutti has to cook, that’s not so nice for her, but rather stressful. So my tip is a stress free time for your mother and now some ideas follow.

no matter wether self cooked or in a restaurant – every mother likes good food and spent time together

To the wooden spoon!

Of course, mom and cook, that kinda goes together. That’s why every mother is happy when she gets cooked by her children. It does not have to be 5 star food, but maybe there is something your mother likes to eat or would like to try? If you are unsure, you can also help your mother and a shared cooking evening is also something nice! And you can, for example, simply cook these vegan recipes for your mother and you.

spending time together and eat good food – maybe in the next bigger city?

Common culinary delights

If you do not dare to cook, you can simply look for a great restaurant and surprise your mother. Of course you do not go together with Mum to the next Dönerladen, that’s what you do with daddy after the sport or bike ride. Again, you should look: What does your mother like? Ever wanted to try sushi or African cuisine? Just look for something suitable for your mother and maybe not in your own town, but in the form of a day trip, because big cities often have a large selection of restaurants to try out.

relaxing and spa – every mother likes that

Relaxation for mother

Instead of breakfast in bed or chocolate, it’s better to treat your mother to some wellness. Whether massage, yoga classes or a day at the spa? You know your mother best and know what she needs. After all, our moms know that best too! After a break, my mum gave me a pillow-spray and a thermo-effect sleep mask because she knew I could not sleep well on my own. Our mothers know us so well, so it’s up to us to give it back to our mothers next Sunday.

traveling together with your mother makes precious moments

Into the adventure!

When we get older, traveling with parents is rather uncool. If you grow up, move out and have your own life, you sometimes long for the old days. Why not surprise your mother with a weekend in London or hiking in the Harz mountains? Depending on the mother you will surely find a holiday that you like. For example, my mother and I will be exploring a few corners in Hamburg as a day trip later on Mother’s Day that she did not know before.

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