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Tuesday, 21 May, 2024

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Asparagi piccante – spicy asparagus

You probably don’t know that there are ways to prepare Asparagus in an italian way. Usually in Germany you think of typical old school receipt. But once you have tried this here. You will not see asparagus the way you saw it before. 😉

preparation 20 minutes cooking time 20 minutes difficulty normal ingredients:


1kg Asparagus ,
500g penne or macaroni , 80g dried tomatoes ,
1 small chili ,
Olive oil,
Salt and fresh pepper , small piece of Parmigiano , 2 tablespoons pine nuts , small red onion ,
clove of garlic


How to

Once there is asparagus season, there are so many receipt almost unstoppable.
Whether green or white asparagus . This vegetable is so versatile and
the taste is heavenly. On the grill , in the oven , cooked or in the pasta .
Even in Italy is asparagus a delicacy, to which both as a vegetable side dish , as well as a tasty risotto .
This time we made our asparagus in a rustic pasta dish after Calabrian style .
A little spicy ..


spargel rezept


We have used for this recipe Guanciale . A strong bacon, places from the jaws of the pigs.
Cuts your Guanciale into small cubes . Shells your asparagus and cuts off the ends . Then you cut the asparagus into 3-4 parts , depending on how large it is . Cuts your onion in

Dice and peel your garlic .

Give in a pot 3 tablespoons olive oil and fry your Guanciale , the onions and the garlic to complete it.

spargel rezept

In the meantime, cook the asparagus pieces in plenty of salted water . We use this water then also for our pasta .
Once the asparagus are soft (do not completely cook too soft)
you take it out with a slotted spoon and give it also with into the pot of bacon and onions .

spargel rezept

Puree in a blender olive oil , sun dried tomatoes , a small Piece Parmigiano , pine nuts and chopped chilli to a pesto .

Give your pesto into the pot and stir 2-3 tablespoons creme fraiche inside. Then seasoned all with salt and freshly ground pepper.

spargel rezept

Cook your pasta in asparagus water al dente and mix them with your asparagus in the pot. Rub some Parmigiano over it and mix everything well together

Ready to eat – yummy

Serve your pasta on a flat , if possible preheated dish .

We wish you good succeed and


 spargel rezept


Domenico has his own Website cookingitaly.de. Who will be there will not go away again. Everything looks so delicious. You want to eat and try that. Since 2004 he works on his own in the Gastronomy scene. He is a successful Gastro Consulter and does Event Management. 

Domenico Gentile

Domenico Gentile

Mehr über Italien….

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