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Tuesday, 21 May, 2024

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Interview with this beautiful, inspiring women Jasmin Taylor – Selfmade Millionaire and owner of JT Touristik

Her story may seem unreal. A fairy tale from 1001 nights, but it’s the reality. With little money in her pocket Jasmin Taylor arrived after her studies (in the USA) to Germany. She began to start her business over the Internet, selling vacations. A lot of work and ambition brought her there, where she is now.
Since 2009, the Berlin-based Jasmin Taylor conducts its JT Touristik with approximately 60 employees. 2011 Jasmin Taylor became the first woman in the tourism sector receiving the “Travel Industry Manager of the Year” award by the trade association TIC (Travel Industry Club).

What fascinates me most about her? She is absolutely down to earth and has an incredibly likable and an open-minded character.  I had the pleasure to meet Jasmin Taylor in Berlin.

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

What is your perfect day?

Professionally? One in which everything goes according to plan. But privately I love the Sunday. Preferably with my family and friends, a barbecue and nice weather in the garden.

Please complete the following sentence. I’m satisfied with what I have done, because ..

… I am a strong and independent person today and lead a self-determined life. When there was war in my country, it was different. But the courage to realize his dreams and the hope which keeps alive a young founder were always a great help to me and have made me the person I am today.

The Secret of My Success is…

that I set always goals for myself. Part of this is also to define individual intermediate stages, challenge the one hand, and pull me out of my own comfort zone. Even failures are important to continue to develop and learn.

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

Women often have a hard time in their professional lives. What secret can you pass the women?

Be a woman and not a copy of a men! It begins with the clothes: women have in a business dress equal another appearance – so why you just let the boring men suits in the closet?  We have so many great qualities that we can use wonderfully in the job.

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

You always wear so great caftans. Which designers do you prefer?

Many thanks! The clothes are from the designer Miranda Konstantinidou. Her designs feature with opulent prints and high-quality silk. I love her fashion and the bright, cheerful colors. The evening gowns by Guido Maria Kretschmer are a glamorous eye-catcher, which act both stylish and sophisticated. Four Flavor is a great brand that has been completely dedicated to dresses. The modern cuts and refined designs are ideal for my business wardrobe – preferably of course in the color pink.

You visit also events such as the Fashion Week? Berlin, Milan, London or New York?

Like many women, I am also very excited of fashion. I love fashion and beautiful looks. On the Fashion Week we all meet up together, people get dressed perfectly and run in cool looks on the red carpet. I can get a lot of inspiration out of this weeks. 

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

What is your preferred Beauty product? 

Hydrating 5 is a great care by Skinceuticals, which I can only recommend. The cream is a true moisture booster and makes the skin radiant.

A day at the beach. You lie rather under the umbrella or directly on the sun deck?

Although I am used to the sun – thanks to the continental weather in my home, I would actually prefer staying more under an umbrella on the beach. One can get a tan in the shade too – although slower but more gently and evenly!

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

How you maintain your great hair?

I take care of my hair with products of Newsha, especially with the leave-in conditioner and the Daily ritual shampoo that cleans the hair gently every day. The conditioner is great not only for daily care, but is also great to use after a course of treatment in order to consolidate the contents of the cure in her hair. Is almost like a coat that is wrapped around the hair. For a special styling I can commend you the studio of Dennis Creuzberg in Berlin Mitte. He has a “hand” for living haircuts and is a true master of craftsmanship.

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

Jasmin Taylor ©PR Agentur JT Touristik

What is your beauty secret?

Drink, drink, drink! I make sure to drink at least 3 liters of water – on warm days, it can be even more. This will prevent wrinkles and helps the skin to remain smooth and even.

What is your absolute favorite food?

I love almost all the dishes of the Persian cuisine. There is an eclectic mix of Oriental and Indian elements – also a lot of emphasis on the harmony of flavors of the ingredients.

Claudia Scheffler-Perrone und Jasmin Taylor (JT Touristik)

Claudia Scheffler-Perrone und Jasmin Taylor (JT Touristik)

More information:

JT Touristik GmbH
Spreetalallee 1 / Ecke Spandauer Damm 212 (am Ruhwald Park)
14050 Berlin (Westend)

Tel : 030 20 16 49 99 


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wildfirekristin October 29, 2015 at 12:45 am

This is such a beautiful story! I was encouraged today by her. Trying to make myself into a success is difficult. I come from very little and I plan to be very successful!!! I love your work!!!!

wildfirekristin November 10, 2015 at 10:06 am

I came back to her story…successful women inspire me. As I read this blog, I realized she really held back in your blog. I’m a new business woman and I wanted to be left with steps to becoming that successful. The fashion life she lives is the end product of being successful. Last time I gave this a Rave review but this time I’m not thinking of fashion but real business tips, ideas, ….we need more Empowering women…lets go achieve in what we believe in!

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