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Friday, 14 June, 2024

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Hamburg is always worth a trip, isn’t it? But where to stay is the big question. As for my husband and me, we have a lot of friends in Hamburg with whom we can stay, but sometimes it is problematic to sleep together in the small 1 ½ room apartment or to spend the night somewhere outside in Volksdorf or just before Pinneberg.

That’s why I’m personally very much looking forward to the opening of the CAB 20 Hotel on July 1st, which is very central and close to the main train station. It is therefore not only perfect for overnight stays before important events such as the Diversity Fashion Days, which will hopefully take place again in 2022 at the latest, but also perfect if, like my husband Jona and I, you like to use Hamburg for overnight stays before taking the train to the next Wroclaw, Copenhagen or Sweden goes.

Bar und Rezeption

Bar and reception

Where is the Cab20?

I’m not from Hamburg and even I have to say that I know at least 5 good restaurants right around the corner from CAB20 Cabin Hotel. And of course you can get anywhere you want with all possible options such as public transport, moia, weshare, city bikes or even on foot. Personally, I am always surprised at how many people I see on the e-scooter in Hamburg. We walked relaxed out of HafenCity. Don’t be frightened if the area around the main train station is a little livelier in the evening.

The hotel was once a two-story car dealership, which was then rented as an artist’s house for a symbolic 1 euro. Some of the artists on this project contributed graffiti to the design. As some of you have probably already thought, the inspiration for a cabin hotel comes from Japan – but here the concept was adapted to the German market, i.e. a queen-size bed instead of a capsule to get in.

Wandbild in der Bar

Wall art in the bar

The target group here is of course more young people who want to come to Hamburg for events, to celebrate or to explore the city for a weekend or a few days and not forego comfort. Because anyone who knows Hamburg knows that apart from a few cheap hostels, there is so far little to be found in Hamburg for this target group, even Airbnbs are rare and many hotels that are central are more in the upper price range.

Throughout the building you use your wristband to open the various doors, start the elevator or pay for drinks and food. This will then be automatically debited from your credit card. You can also open your cabin with this bracelet. It’s really easy and worked great for us. You can of course also pay in cash at the bar.

Sitzecke in der Lobby/Bar

seating area in the lobby/bar

Sustainable hotel?

For me this is an important point according to which I choose my hotels, because hotels without a sustainability concept today are simply anachronistic for me. With the CAB20, sustainability begins with the fact that, compared to other hotels, you have space-saving rooms in a confined space, which means that there is also less electricity consumption and heating costs.

In addition, a compensation option in the sense of compensation is planned. This will be possible in about half a year, since by then the electricity consumption and heating costs can be well recorded in normal operation.

Lounge im obersten Geschoss

Lounge with flatscreen

Good option for vegans?

One reason why I rarely go to hotels and often prefer other options such as holiday homes, including self-catering of course, is the lack of vegan options for breakfast. The last time I booked a hotel with breakfast privately … must have been before 2009, when I was not yet vegan. Breakfast is not included in the room rate. It can be booked as an option – also in a vegan version. The CAB20 Hotel itself only has a small kitchen, so only small snacks and burgers (with meat and vegetarian) and later possibly chilli con carne are planned. Dear vegans, you have to be strong: only the salad in the internal snacks is vegan.

But as a reminder: You are in the middle of Hamburg, in 5 minutes you are at the train station and you will find really delicious vegan options in the area at any time of the day. So don’t worry, you don’t have to eat trail mix and lettuce on your own (no, please don’t ask, that actually happened to me on a press trip … because even in Europe there are still countries that can’t start vegan and where I do really lived on bananas, nuts and lettuce for a week).

my husband in the cabin

my husband in the cabin for two

The Cabins

Have you heard of capsule hotels? There is a large number of hotels of this type in Japan. There you can sleep in capsules or small cabins to save space, sometimes even with an extra mini living room cabin including tatami mats.

Here in the CAB 20 Hotel there are no claustrophobic thoughts or youth hostel feelings with gender segregation, because there are cabins for 2 people with queen-size beds from 40 euros and single cabins with 1m bed for 35 euros. The cabins are soundproof, which my husband tested out when he was interviewed. We could sleep undisturbed and didn’t hear anything from outside.

Inside each cabin is a wireless charger and bluetooth speaker. In our cabin we had a padded wall, ideal for leaning against, and on the other side a board on which you can use your tablet for evening Netflix and chill, or you can load and put it down on your smartphone. There are enough sockets and USB sockets to charge your On The Road device arsenal.

Lounge with TV for evenings together

Lounge with TV for evenings together

There are no windows in the cabin in the classic sense, only one facing the hallway. There is a ventilation system for this that runs quietly when the light is on. To all Instagram friends – unfortunately the light flickers when filming. You have large facade windows with a view in the lounge or you can relax on the rooftop inside or outside. If you need a TV: Upstairs on the third floor there is a communal flat screen window. The cabin is not big and ideally you don’t travel with a larger suitcase, because the space on the floor is relatively limited. But you can hang most of it up on the hook and the ladder. We found the bed very comfortable.

waiting room in front the washing rooms

waiting room in front the washing rooms

What about the bathroom?

Unlike classic hotel rooms, here in the Cab20 the bathroom is not in your own room, but don’t worry. As I said – there is no youth hostel feeling in a communal shower. You can shower in Showre Rabins in the basement. The waiting area in the bathroom with its vintage box bags is so stylish that it has to be looked for in the German hotel landscape.

My husband tested the showers and was thrilled with how pleasant the shower was. Thanks to the small shelf and the partition, your belongings do not get wet. You can change your clothes well in the cabin. If you prefer to use flip-flops in communal showers, you can buy them at reception if they have stayed at home. If you don’t want to take a shower, you can use one of the washbasins. There are enough toilets on every floor and space to put on make-up and get ready.

Shower cubicle

Shower cubicle in the basement of CAB20

Places to chill out

In addition to the bar and lobby, there is also a rooftop lounge in CAB20. Everything looks very chic and looks like a boutique hotel. The style is described on the website as “Style of an Urban Art Store”. For the price, that’s very amazing. So you can take out your smartphones and take a few photos or film yourself on the terrace above the roofs of St. Georg.

view from the rooftop

view from the rooftop of the CAB20

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