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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Tai Chi Holidays at the 5* Hotel Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai with Master Can

This 5* Hotel in Dubai has a lot to offer, great location, friendly staff and yummy food but it also has an outstanding sports and spa range.

One hour with Master Can

Tai Chi was absolutely new for me. I heard about it but I never tried it before. I was excited to try this in Dubai.
A staff member came and picked us up with the Golf Cart. We drove a little through the hotel complex and arrived at the Beach. At one side they were building everything up for a wedding and at the other side was Master Can waiting for us. He was dressed all in white and smiled to us – the German Blogger.


Tranquility and Charisma


There are people who communicate tranquility. So much that you almost get also infected by their calmness. This happened to me the first time I met Master Can. He seems to rest in himself. And this continued the whole hour.

Tai Chi

Of course you will not learn Tai Chi in one hour but it gives you an overview if this kind of sport could fit you or not.

Tai Chi was developed in China as a martial art. But most people in China (and here) practice tai chi not for combat but rather as a potent health exercise. Tai chi relaxes the central nervous system, releasing physical and emotional stress, and promoting mental and emotional well-being. It becomes more and more famous over the hole world.

It is also called moving meditation.


Master Can

The Shaolin Temple where Master Can studied is under UNESCO world heritage. The Temple is famous for Kung Fu, a martial art that embodies the doctrines of Chan Buddhism. Can comes from a little village where almost everybody (even the smallest kids) practices Shaolin martial arts. He studies this kind of Shaolin martial arts for 15 years, at least 4 times a day. After he won lots of competitions all over the country he decided to teach.

He didn’t want to hold his knowledge and he believes that Tai Chi is good for everyone. That was the point he decided to go outside of China and let the world participating.

He now teaches here in Dubai at the Madinat Jumeirah. You can absolutely feel this power and his passion for his way of life – his Tai Chi.



Practical application

I will not hide that the exercises looked much smoother and more elegant on him that on us. But I could feel from minute to minute how I started to relax mentally and physically.

It was so great and I had so much fun. It aroused my curiosity. I think I have to try this again. Even if I already know that it will be much more than “just difficult” to find a teacher that is nearly as good as Master Can. Because he is unique.


taiChi Claudia Sport


The location was awesome. I absolutely couldn’t think of a better location to do this. We were right on the beach with a stunning view over the sea and Burj Al Arab Hotel. We had an incredibly blue sky, the warm sun and breezes from the water. It was like being in a movie.



More information:

For bookings or enquiries, please call + 971 4 366 6818 or email MJtalise@jumeirah.com


This was part of the press trip from the tourism board of Dubai. Thank you!

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