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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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When you travel you want to feel comfortable. There is nothing worst then a too tight jeans and you have 15 hours flight. But in the meantime you want to look good and well dressed. I made for you two styles – for men and women.

I think that you will look good and be comfortable.

Sometimes I get really nice messages from my readers asking me why I don’t do kind of a fashion series. We will see. 😉

Easy Style for women

Sometimes women have a tough job. They can’t really decide what to pack and what to wear. It is difficult. I’m going to tell you why choose this outfit

The leatherjacket is great. It takes you warm in the airplane. But not too warm. It is very smooth and feels good.

The scarf is the most important Accessoire. It get’s pretty ugly when it comes to air-condition. Especially we Europeans are not used to it. A scarf will help you to go through.

The Shirt is great – besides the cool design. When you arrive at the airport and then you go outside. You may encounter really warm weather. No problem. Just take your jacket of.

The Bootcut Jeans is this year (like last year) a Must-Have.

The shoes may not look like but they are really, really comfortable. You look great with this little heel too.

Another easy style

This is very, very comfortable. The big Sweater from Alexander McQueen looks absolutely great. The Jeans are Jeggins. They look definitely better than a Leggins but more comfortable as a Jeans. The boots are easy to go in and out. Parka is always a good choice. It is not heavy and you can wear it in spring when the evenings get colder – 100% cotton.


Easy Style for the men

Same here – comfortable but classy. You don’t want to look like someone who needs money. You want to look like cool and stylish.

This Jeans is pretty awesome. Not too tight but not too baggy. Great for different kind of body shapes.

The Shirt looks really classy. If its too warm you just roll up your sleeves. But I really wouldn’t recommend a short-sleeved-shirt. Nope. Not classy.

The Converse are easy to get in and get out. At the airport really important.

The bag is wonderful. The Bridge is a traditional label from Italy. Wearing this bag you definitely will feel even more successful. The cross body bag leaves you your hands free. Another advantage of this bag. And btw this bag will fit to everything you will ever wear 😉

The Jacket is pretty cool and totally stylisch (again) this year.

Good accessories like sunglasses and belt – Must-Have.

The Trolley is a little bit more casual than the other ones. Will fit very good with this style.

Another Style

This style is even a little more classic. If you want you can directly go to a meeting after the flight. In the meantime with the stretch Chino and the Sweatjacket from Aeronautica Militare (I love this brand) you are really comfortable.


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