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Saturday, 2 December, 2023

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Huelva is definitely a nature and golf paradise

Huelva is located in Andalusia, Spain. Between Seville and Portugal there is this village called Huelva with 147.212 inhabitants and a surface area of 149 km².  It is almost unaffected by the typical tourists. Especially the Spanish people like this place because of the stunning beaches (Part II) and the large national park of Coto de Donana. Nature lovers come here enjoying this region, as one-third of the province is here under nature protection.

Huelva is very diverse. There is the possibility of a complete golf vacation in the middle of a wonderful landscape. But you can also spend a relaxing beach holiday with small cultural highlights or just visit the interior of the country with all their beauty.


The interior of the country:


In Huelva there is located a ham production – Jamones Eiriz Jabugo. This small but fine company is family run since generations. And precisely that is noticeable. There is the possibility of a tour through the halls. The whole process is described and shown. It is particularly interesting watching the funny pigs in the nature. They are quite tame and have several thousands of hectares for leading a good life. This is also reflected in the quality of the ham. They are not slaughtered there. So no panic (I was a little in panic first).


After the visit, I had the possibility to taste of the different types of ham with an excellent wine. The atmosphere is very informal. A cozy room with a nice chat, eat and drink.


Domingo Eíriz Martín

Domingo Eíriz Martín

Domingo the owner of Jamones Eiriz Jabugo is a truly fabulous person. You notice immediately his passion for his profession and the family company.

Minas de Riotinto

The Rio Tinto (red ink flow) in Huelva (Spain) is well known all over the world and attracts young and old. This River in the middle of the country has a reddish color. Sometimes even a bit too red….

Maria Jesus our very pleasant and extremely qualified leader even brought us down into the river bed.

Rio Tinto Huelva

Why does the color of the water looks like blood?

The coloration of the water comes from the weathering of sulfide heavy metal minerals of the local mineral deposit. With a special bacteria these heavy metals flow into the water. Please don’t try to drink this water!!!!! High acid content.

Important: It is essential to wear appropriate shoes. You have to go up and down some rocks. I was  with my wedges sandals. Not exactly the best idea. But as I always wear kind of heels…. I had a few problems but I had some helping arms. 😉  So rather gym shoes or who like hiking shoes, too.

Did you know …

that the foundation of the Spanish football was laid here in Minas de Riotinto? In 1873 through the acquisition of the established english. In 1878 the mining company founded the “Club Ingles” where “Rio Tinto Foot Ball Club” (RTFC) was founded.


Golfresort Islantilla


is a nice hotel in Huelva and is situated only a few minutes by car from the beach of Islantilla. It is located right on a golf course. Accordingly, the golf community site is very large. You can rent here Golf carts etc. It also offers excellent theme buffets in the evening. I particularly like that there is a Chef where you can order fish or meat directly from the Grill.

An incredibly large selection of cheese, cake, appetizers or inserts. Also various main dishes. Noodles are also prepared a la minute.

Also in the morning there is a chef who prepares you the egg how you want it. There is always fresh fruit – both during the day as well as in the evening. The food is definitely 4*.

The staff is very attentive. The plates were cleared away immediately and the drinks refilled.

The pool in the inner area is not huge, but it serves its purpose fully and completely.

The outdoor pools are also maintained in the off-season and the chairs are available for the guests.

I was not there to play golf, but had nevertheless a great time.

Do you want to know more? Go to the visithuelva.com.

More about beaches, wine tasting and la Roccia on a different post. Stay tuned. There is also going to be a great Video. 

On this Fam Trip I was accompanied by awesome travel bloggers from different Countries. I had a wonderful time with you Yann (www.escaledenuit.com), Suzanna (www.viajecomigo.com) and Janet (www.journalistontherun.com)!

Thank you so much. You made my trip even better!!

Thank you also very much Almudena for your patience – I always had to stop and take pictures. 😉



More pictures:


All pictures are mine

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