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Monday, 4 December, 2023

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Design houses – great not only for watching

Sometimes you surf through the Internet or you buy a magazine. There are pictures of people living in awesome and inspiring houses around the world. Some of them I could immediately go there and life forever. The design and especially the locations are absolutely stunning. You can rent the houses or you buy one. You can give everything in the hands of a great architect or you develop together something unique. It’s all about the budget.

But don’t worry. You don’t need always millions for something special. I did a little research. Take a look at the houses that inspired me.



One of my favorite architects (and my friend) is located in Cordoba. He and his partners won different prizes. One is a big monument in the middle of Cordoba. STC – Salassa, Tissot and Castañeda created this wonderful design house – the Suburban House. I like the combination of different materials (old and new) with lot’s of glass. Ivan Castañeda: “La viña was build to remember the past but in the meantime creating something unique, contemporary. Kind of memory and transgression.” 


Photo: Gonzalo Viramonte Architect


Photo: Gonzalo Viramonte Architect

Photo: Gonzalo Viramonte Architect

Photo: Gonzalo Viramonte Architect


Southern California Beach House

“White is the most wonderful color because within it you can see all the colors of the rainbow”, said one of the architects , Richard Meier. He with a cooperation of Michael Palladino made this wonderful, white design house in Southern California. What I liked at this house? The view on the atlantic ocean. Everything is open and airy. There are so many possibilities to do the interior.


(c) richard meier and michael palladino


(c) richard meier and michael palladino



Living Garden house in Katowice

It may seem strange. Like one house on top of the other house. It has kind of “box” character. What I find very interesting and inspiring are the open spaces. The mirrors at the walls optically integrates perfectly with the nature. The architect Robert Konieczny KWK Promes build the house with local traditions – masonry walls and asphalt-lined gable roofs.


(c) Fotos Jakub Certowicz


(c) Fotos Jakub Certowicz


(c) Fotos Jakub Certowicz


Germany /Belgium


You always wanted to live in a Treehouse when you were a kid? Now this is possible. Baumraum is a German company that is specialized in building tree houses all over the world. This design Treehouse was a project for a Paper-Producer Sappi and his communications agency Proximity BBDO. They build this house in Belgium Hechtel-Eksel. They wanted to create a nice retreat that would integrate perfect into the woods with the protection of the Environment.

(c) Markus Bollen

(c) Markus Bollen

(c) Markus Bollen

(c) Markus Bollen

(c) Markus Bollen

(c) Markus Bollen



Fairhaven Beach

Franco Fiorentini  (F2 Architecture) is the architect of  the “Pole house”. This design house is suspended 40 meters above Fairhaven Beach. This is probably Australia’s most photographed house. It looks a little scary. Especially the bridge. But the view is priceless. Imagine waking up in the morning, looking outside the window and seeing this. Infinity width and uniqueness. The house has floor to ceiling retracting glass walls which gives you the feeling of absolutely no walls. If you plan your vacation in Australia take a look at the agency website. This house is for rent. 4 nights are about 1.000€. But careful, not suitable for kids.

Pole-House-Fairhaven_01 Pole-House-Fairhaven_03 Pole-House-Fairhaven_04


Photos: (c) Matt Lord



Tips  – Rent for vacation


Search engines portals like Check24 or whatever are good but not perfect. If you want to find something special you have to look further. Try to translate some keywords with the translator in that language in which country you are looking for. Like – you are looking for a house in Italy – Casa vacanze (vacation house). Put that into Google, Bing or Yahoo and see what comes out. You will find different offers and many times you can then talk in English.


Before you start renting your dream object. Take a look around. You may find the same house in other agencies too but maybe cheaper.


If you don’t ask you will never know. In Germany they say more like – if you don’t ask you will stay stupid. It’s a famous quote from the Sesame Street. And it’s still correct. Try to send an email to the owner maybe and ask him if renting directly you will get a better price. The worst thing that could happen is – he says NO.



Check the surrounding area. Put in the streets name and ask for Restaurant advises or Supermarket. You will find out very fast whats going on there.



Searched, found and rented. You should sign a contract before you send any money. There are also all the details about the owner or the rental company. You can check easily it he exists or not. You never know.


Yesss, you can start now with your big joy. You’ve found your dream object and soon you will spend a wonderful vacation right there. ENJOY it.








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