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Claudia Scheffler-Perrone

Owner and creator of  nonsoloamore

Journalist / CEO of Killer Press

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I have a wonderful team who is going to make nonsoloamore more special and outstanding!

Bettina Barth:

Bettina is married and lives near Bremen/Germany. Since her childhood in Cuxhaven she had a great passion for literature and creative projects of all kinds. She created her first blog on an beepworld homepage when she was 11 years old. On her quest of creative capabillities she discovered photography and later filmmaking for herself and shares her outcome on YouTube, her blog and Instagram. Among her digital ventures she was and is part of theatre and culture projects. By youthful enthusiasm she became vegetarian at age 13. After research of the topic animal rights she became vegan and has a focus on healthy nutrition. Bettina loves to create new vegan recipes. Furthermore she emulates her role model’s – the German musician Farin Urlaub – deeds and travels the world whenever she can. In doing so she tries to get to know cities and countries in a different and to find unique places which not any tourist can find. In addition Bettina talks with her community about critical topics like bodyshaming or moral courage.


Bettina Barth - nonsoloamore